Yoyo Trick Tutorial – Boba Straw


Boba Straw is a fun Yoyo Trick I came up with a long time ago. The reason I called it Boba Straw is because there is a section of the trick in the beginning where the yoyo looks like a straw jabbing a boba cup. Also a lot of people I have on snap chat post videos of them jabbing their straws into their cups. So I thought it would be funny to name a trick after them.

In this video, I used the prototype of the collaboration yoyo I am doing with TOPYO.  For the string I used the newly released Buddha XL from YoyoBestBuy.

In this yoyo trick tutorial video, I perform the complete combo at a slower pace.  This is to show the details of the various elements of the trick.  The viewpoint starts of from the audience point of view.

I then switch to the yoyoers point of view.  This is the meat of the tutorial.  The pace of the trick is much slower and I have broken out the elements in steps.  From this viewpoint, you can see the intricacies of the trick.  You will see where to land the yoyo, what string and even what finger position to use to throughout the combo.


After the step by step yoyoers view point, I switch back to the audience view and execute the yoyo trick combo at its intended speed

The yoyo trick seems complex, but with this video, you should be able to follow the steps.  With practice, you will be able to add it to your combos.

Check out the tutorial video of the Yoyo Trick, Boba Straw. Please like, share, comment and subscribe. But above all this, please have fun!

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