Yoyo Unboxing – MagicYoyo Carpfin

Okay guys we are going through this cycle again because I have received six new yoyos from yoyobesbuy and I’m ready to start unboxing and reviewing these!!! In this unboxing I unboxed the new MagicYoyo Carpfin.

MagicYoyo Carpfin At YoyoBestBuy.com

MagicYoyo At Amazon.com

When I first took the yoyo out of the package I immediately noticed that there was some weight to the yoyo. I also noticed that the face of the yoyo looked just like the face of the YoyoFactory Shutter. When I first threw the yoyo, it was dead smooth. While playing with the yoyo, it is more on the heavier side. Even though I can keep a constant pace while doing tricks, it doesn’t carry out speed combos that well, because of the weight. I think that this yoyo was designed to do techy tricks at a constant pace, sort of similar to the styles of Yuuki Spencer and Zach Gormley.

Grinds on this yoyo are fine. The only grinds that I had trouble with were inner cup grinds for example talon and thumb grinds. The reason I had trouble with those was because the inner cup was glossy as opposed to the rest of the yoyo which is bead blasted. Since it is glossy, if you grab the inner cup with your skin, the yoyo will whirl around. I recommend that if you are going to to inner cup grinds then use mostly your fingernails so that the metal won’t snag on your fingers. horizontal finger grinds are okay because you already mostly use your fingernail when you do a finger spin.

The MagicYoyo Carpfin is a good yoyo for a player that does techy style tricks at a normal pace. Grinds are okay as long as you use mostly fingernail while doing inner cup grinds. Overall, I highly recommend this yoyo.

I Can’t name Yoyo Tricks


After making my Yoyoer’s Point of View video, I realized that I didn’t have any videos showcasing any of my new tricks from the front view, so in this video, I am showcasing the tricks from my Yoyoer’s Point of View video, from the front point of view!!! The yoyo used was the YoyoFactory SHU-TA.

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The reason I named this video I Can’t Name Yoyo Tricks is because most yoyoers make a ton of combos but when ever somebody asks them what they are called, they say “They don’t have names.” I’m one of those people.

Yoyo Tricks – Yoyoer’s Point Of View

This video shows what doing yoyo tricks looks like from my point of view. I made this video because I wanted to give people outside the yoyo world the experience of yoyoing from a “Yoyoer’s Point Of View.” The yoyo used in this video was the YoyoFactory Aviator 2.

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I chose to use the YoyoFactory Aviator 2 for this video because I intentionally shot this video in the morning.  That said, the gold color of the Yoyo really reflects the mornig light very well.

The yoyo tricks performed in the video were new combos I worked on for a few weeks, specific to the video.  The combos were from tricks I learned over time and further refined.

Check out the rest of the video and leave a comment below.

BAC Yoyo Competition 2016

This is when I went to the Bay Area Classic Yoyo Competition 2016. Although I didn’t compete, I had a fun time meeting new people, yoyoing, and watching all the competitor’s performances.

Lorenzyo Cubing taking a picture on stage at the BAC 2016 Yoyo Champtionship in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

I got to meet up with friends whom I have met in past events.  Seeing them again and witnessing how they have grown in yoyo tricks and skills is really an awesome experience.  We spend the day not only watching the awesome display on stage, but also sharing and showing what we know and have practiceds since last we hung out.

In the video you will see lots of yoyos and combo tricks thrown by various players.  In parts where I am doing tricks, you will see me use the OneDrop Gauntlet.

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The atmosphere at this event is really cool and chill.  It is easy to walk up to kids my age and even older kids and strike a conversation, throw a few spins and hang out.


Lorenzyo Cubing with friends enjoying some food at the BAC 2016 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

I also had the chance to see the professionals displaying their art in executing yoyo performances.

Lorenzyo Cubing posing with one of his Yoyo heroes Gentry Stein at the BAC 2016 Yoyo Championships in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Watch the video and see if you recognize famous yoyoers doing their thing!

Yoyo Tricks – Cool Binds Part 2

It’s been almost a year since I made the Cool Binds video and since then, I learned some even cooler binds, So in this video, I am show casing the new binds that I have learned in a year!!! The yoyo I used in this video was the YoyoFactory SHU-TA.

YoyoFactory SHU-TA

The YoyoFactory SHU-TA is the second version of the YoyoFactory Shutter and is also Shu Takada’s signature yoyo. It weighs slightly more than the Shutter and also has a wider concave in the center of the faces of the that are very good for horizontal finger grinds. This Yoyo is one of my favorite throws and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the YoyoFactory Shutter. YoyoFactory Yoyos on Amazon

This video was the first of 2016 that I uploaded besides the one year video.  The opening shot was done in my room where I pick up the Shutter, then transition to the SHU-TA.YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon

I took the yoyo to the backyard where the rest of the of the footage was shot of me performing various yoyo tricks with the SHU-TA.


One Year – YoyoFactory Dream

One year after the launch of my YouTube Channel LorenzYo Cubing, I decided to do a “One Year Video.” I purposed the video to thank you, my subscribers for supporting my channel. It was also a good opportunity for me to capture how I have grown as a yoyo player after one year.

The yoyo I used in the video is the YoyoFactory Dream. Below is the actual yoyo I used.

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YoyoFactory Dream on Amazon

Taking the theme from the name of the yoyo, I setup the scenes as if I was dreaming. You will see some of my friends in the video, goofing around and having fun.

The tricks were new at the time and were full of quick throws.  Please enjoy the video and share, like and subscribe.

YoyoFactory Horizon

My computer was out of commision for a while.  For the a few days it was not allowing me to download music content.  Today, at last it is back up and running 🙂

How timely, since today I have a special video promo in mind using the YoyoFactory Horizon.  Here is the yoyo from my collection that I used in the video.

YoyoFactory Horizon on Amazon

The video is a bit quirky.  I used a Starwars theme music mashup and timed the tricks with it.  I think the edits synched pretty well 🙂

Go ahead and check it out.  After watching the video please like, share and subscribe.  You can also leave a comment below or in my youtube channel.


YoyoFactory Shutter YoyoExpert Exclusive

Published on Aug 22, 2015.  This video shows tricks usig the Yoyo Factory Shutter Yoyo Expert Exclusive version. What differs this Shutter Exclusive from a regular Shutter is the engraving in the middle of the yoyo. On the Exclusives they are blank. Here are three examples from my collection in Blue, Green and Gold. BTW the blue one is not a bi-metal. I got creative one day and took a dremmel through the edges.
YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon
YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon
YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon

Cool Binds

So one day I was scrolling through my comments and I saw that one of them was asking me to show case some of my favorite binds. So in this video, I did just that!!!

If you’re wondering why there are so many kids behind the camera, it’s because I shot this video on the same day as my birthday party. A few of them were willing to help me film. The cameraman was Ben Phillips,  the light man was Nathan Kim, and the yoyoers were me and my friend Michael Schmidt(just like the security guard from FNAF). Michael was the one of the people who got me into yoyoing. Thank you Michael for introducing me to this amazing sport!!! The Yoyo I used was the YoyoFacory SHU-TA.