Yoyo Tricks – TOP-YO UNPRLD Elimination

If you watched my Instagram livestream of me unboxing my new sponsorship package from TOP-YO, you would have seen that the new collaboration bi-metal yoyo from TOP-YO and UNPRLD the elimination was by far my favorite TOP-YO throw that I’ve ever gotten.

TOP-YO yoyos at yoyobestbuy.com

TOP-YO yoyos at yoyonation.com

The TOP-YO UNPRLD Elimination yoyo is a premium bi-metal yoyo designed for speedy play, and when I say speedy, I mean hard core SPEEDY. Other yoyos that have the same style of this type of play would be the UNPRLD Flash and the YoyoRecreation Draupnir and Sigtr. If any of those throws are your favorite already, I guarantee you would love this one. I loved it so much, I decided to make a promo video on it.


Throw Talk Thursday Ep#11 – Who Will Win The World Yoyo Contest 2017?

This video was a livestream of LorenzYo Cubing of lorenzyocubing.com from Brentwood CA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for Yoyo Tricks and Mini Yoyo tutorials.

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In the video LorenzYo performed yoyo tricks with various Yoyos including the TopYo Elimination, the YoyoFreaks #Pound and another unreleased yoyo from Topyo. We also surveyed the livestream viewers on who they think will wint the World Yoyo Contest 2017 in Iceland.


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Check out the recorded live stream and let us know you think is going to win the World Yoyo Contest 2017 in Iceland.


Yoyo Unboxing Videos

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Yoyo Tricks – YoyoFreaks #Pound

During the summer in the second week of June, JD asked if I wanted to take a prototype with me on vacation in Arizona and shoot some clips at the Grand Canyon. Of course I said “heck yeah!!!”. And the yoyo he gave me was a raw YoyoFreaks #Pound.

YoyoFreaks #Pound at yoyobestbuy.com


While we were at the Grand Canyon tour, every time we stopped somewhere my dad whipped out his camera and started recording me. During the video you may notice the beautiful scenery behind me being either the Grand Canyon, a trail, or the mountains close to the Grand Canyon.

Fun fact about this video, this was shot the day before I broke the ceiling fan light at the rental home we got in Arizona. You can see that video on my Instagram.

So the YoyoFreaks #Pound is the normal sized version of the YoyoFreaks Hashtag. I will make a review on this yoyo soon but for now I gotta say this is one of my most favorite throws.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I loved filming it.

Yoyo Videos for Special Releases – Social Media Format

LorenzYoCubing.com has released new yoyo videos geared for special releases in the Social Media format.

“We wanted to do what has not been done for the Yoyo world before,”  said Lorenzo Penacerrada of LorenzYoCubing.com.

These videos are specifically designed for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It highlights the artistry behind the design of each special release yoyo. The videos below are now available in Instagram, Facebook and Twiter. Check out the first releases and let us know what you think.

Throw Talk Thursday Ep#10 – Regaining my Speed

This video was a livestream of LorenzYo Cubing of lorenzyocubing.com from Brentwood CA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for Yoyo Tricks and Mini Yoyo tutorials.


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In the video LorenzYo is using the YoyoFreaks #Pound with is the latest bi-metal 100 Series Yoyo. He demonstrates how you can use the pound for various speed and techy tricks. This is one of the final coloways which is finished different than the prototype he was playing with earlier during the summer.


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Coincidentally this is also LorenzYo Cubing’s 100 Youtube Video. During the live stream, he brings on a surprising guests Yoyoer that has been supporting him in the background in all his 100 videos. Can you guess who it might be?

Check out the video and enjoy this milestone video.

Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign Contrail

In this unboxing I unboxed the C3YoyoDesign Contrail.

C3YoyoDesign Contrail at YoyoStoreRewind.com

So I’d totally tell you guys what I think about this yoyo, but there’s one problem, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY 4A!!!!!! The only thing I can say about this yoyo is that I was able to do a tricks and then get it back up to my hand. So I totally recommend it hahahaha. Sorry if you guys wanted a real review but I don’t know what to think or how to think about the performance of this yoyo. Maybe in the future when I get better at 4a I’ll be able to actually give a good review on this yoyo.

But for now enjoy this sadly real but very funny unboxing video of me failing at offspring haha. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign ReMaster Galaxy

In this unboxing I unboxed the C3YoyoDesign ReMaster Galaxy.

So what are my first impressions on the ReMaster Galaxy? Right off the bat it is VERY wide which makes it very easy to do whip tricks you may have trouble with. In my case, this yoyo helps me land Brent stole very easy. It also helped me carry out my horizontal tricks very easy since its so wide.

C3YoyoDesign ReMaster Galaxy 
Besides the width, this yoyo has very excellent performance. It’s very light but rim weighted which makes it very good for speed and horizontal tricks. The wideness of the yoyo gives it a WIDE variety of grinds. It also isn’t half bad for finger spins as well since there is nothing interfering in the face of the yoyo.

If you are a techy player that does very complicated tricks, this may not be the right yoyo for you, since it is wide it can be difficult sometimes to land the yoyo on a very specific section of the string if you have complicated mounts.

This yoyo would be for the type of player who is speedy and extreme.

Throw Talk Thursday Ep#9 – Last Week of Summer

This video was a livestream of LorenzYo Cubing of lorenzyocubing.com from Brentwood CA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for Yoyo Tricks and Mini Yoyo tutorials.

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TopYo Yoyos At YoyoBestBuy

In the video LorenzYo Cubing made an announcement regarding the TopYo Turbine. He has been playing with these for a couple weeks but since it is unreleased at the time, he cannot disclose what the yoyos were.

TopYo Yoyos At YoyoNation


LorenzYo shows viewers the features of the TopYo Turbine, including the finger spin feature and demonstrated how the Yoyo can be used for speed and tech.

Check out the latest Throw Talk Thursday by clicking the video below:

Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign Bastet

In this unboxing I unboxed the C3YoyoDesign Bastet.

C3 Bastet at YoyoStoreRewind

When I first threw the yoyo, it was very smooth, but while testing the smoothness of the yoyo which involves placing your finger against it, I noticed that the yoyo was very glossy. So when I tried grinding, the yoyo kept rolling off my arm. So the only way I could grind without the yoyo rolling off was if I tilted my hand down a lot.

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More yoyos at yoyonation.com

In terms of playability, the yoyo feels very powerful when you throw it down, so when you throw it you’ll feel a very heavy thud. It feels very bouncy when you land it on the string. It’s right in the middle of floaty and stable so it’s sort of an all around type of yoyo. Although since it’s so narrow, it’s very difficult to catch the yoyo sometimes while playing horizontal.

According to YoyoStoreRewind, the Yoyo “has the great balance of the Radius, but the smoothness of the Capless that gives it really sweet rejection tricks. That smoothness also lends itself to intense long combos.”  It definitely has a unique feel to it.

This Yoyo would be a great buy if you are looking to try something new and unique.