Vlog#2 – National Yoyo Contest 2017

In this 30 minute vlog, follow me as I go to the National Yoyo Contest 2017!!!


In my perspective, you’ll see things that happened at the contest that you never noticed before on the nationals 2017 videos.

This contest was easily the best contest that I’ve ever been to. I never thought that I would ever be the video sponsor at a contest this big. 

Thank you so much to TOP-YO, YoyoBestBuy, YoyoNation, and Ozhiriz for making this possible for me.

And also, thank you #TESTOSTERONEBOYZ (yungranchcrew plus yoyohypesquad) for making this contest fun, and by fun I mean LOUD. Finally, congratulations to Evan Nagao for becoming the new 1a National Champion.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this half hour LorenzYo Cubing special!!!

Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep# 20 – TopYo Turbine

In this episode of throw score, I reviewed the TOP-YO Turbine.

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoBestbuy.com

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoNation.com

TopYo Turbine at Ozhiriz.com


Diameter 56.5 mm
Width 45.2 mm
Bearing Size C Size (.250″x.500″x.187″)
Weight 67 g
Bearing TopYo 5 Cuts
Response System 19 mm CBC Sized Pads

TopYo Turbine Throw Scores:

Smoothness 5 / 5
Weighty Feel –  light   1 2 3 4 5   heavy 3
Grinding Ability:

Finger Grinds:

Talon Grinds:

Thumb Grinds



4 / 5

5 / 5

5 / 5


Horizontal Play 4 / 5
Techy Style 5 / 5
Speedy Play 4/ 5
Floaty to  Stable: 1 2 3 4 5 3

Yoyo Unboxing – Ozhiriz Yoyos

In this unboxing, I unboxed three yoyozhiriz yoyos from Ozhiriz.

Yoyos at Ozhiriz

The yoyos that I unboxed were the yoyozhiriz Sphinx, Nephthis, and Clarent.

***the Vosun Vanquish and the yoyozhiris Clarent are same yoyo because it was a collaboration between the two companies.

HUGE thanks to Ozhiriz for sending me these yoyos they are super awesome especially the yoyozhiriz Sphinx. Throw Scores coming out soon.

Enjoy the unboxing!!!


Yoyo Unboxing – Vosun Vanquish

The video is a yoyo unboxing video of the Vosun Vanquish.  The yoyo was provided by YoyoBestBuy and YoyoNation.

Vosun Vanquish at YoyoBestbuy

Vosun Vanquish at YoyoNation 

Right out of the box, the yoyo has a stunningly beautiful look to it.  The gap between the yoyo halves has a nice curving slope.  The curve is not as drastic of a slope as I have seen with similarly shaped yoyos.  The Vosun Vanquish is very smooth and plays very well.  I took it through a couple of speed combos and the yoyo landed them very well.

The design of the Vosun Vanquish allows for smooth grinds, including the ability to do a decent finger spin.  It plays similar to the metal skyva except for the finer spin ability.  The shape is similar as well.


What can improve this yoyo would be a reduction in weight.  Because it does feel a little heavy.   If you are a techy player the weight will not matter as much. But if you are a speedy player, you would want it to be a tad lighter.

Overall the Vanquish is a nice quality yoyo from Vosun that can give you hours of fun.

Check out the yoyo unboxing video and Like, Comment, Subscribe and share!

Throw Talk Thursday Ep#17 – The BIG News

This video was a livestream of #LorenzYoCubing of #lorenzyocubing.com from #BrentwoodCA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for #YoyoTricks and Mini #Yoyo #tutorials.

In this episode LoreznYo Cubing played with a few yoyos from #TopYo, including the Elimination. He also announced some #Yoyonews.

New #Yoyos at #YoyoBestBuy

More Yoyos at YoyoNation

First a reminder about the #LorenzYo5KCubing Giveaway. Please post your variation of the required 1.5 Slap GT trick on Instagram to gain those entries for the giveaway. Please us the #LorenzYo5KCubing and @LorenzYoCubing in the post so he can see it.

The second big announcement is about the livestream of the 25th Annual U.S. National Yoyo Contest coming up in October 2017. More information and details to come as we get closer to the event.

Latest Yoyo Releases at Ozhiris.com


Check out the video and watch this special announcement.

Yoyo Unboxing – Vosun EZspin


In this unboxing I unboxed the Vosun EZspin.

Vosun EZspin at yoyobestbuy.com

Vosun EZspin at yoyonation.com

When I first opened this yoyo I thought it was a bi-metal but it turns out the shiny rings is just apart of the design of the yoyo. The whole yoyo is made out of 6061 aluminum. So in the video when I said “it has a lack of rim weight which is suprising” it’s actually not that surprising to me anymore because it’s not a bi-metal.

The diameter is very large while the width is very narrow. This is a feature that I dislike about some yoyos. However even though its has this feature, it is one of the best that I’ve played with with this feature under the YOYOFFICER Yacare. It would’ve been better if the shape of the yoyo was wider and more rounded.

As I said before, the yoyo lacked a bit of rim weight. The weight felt more towards the middle of the yoyo which was a bit odd. This would have been better if the yoyo’s weight was more toward the rims and a bit lighter.

Enjoy the unboxing!!!



LorenzYo Cubing 5K Yoyo Giveaway sponsored by YoyoBestBuy

Thank you for all your support of my YouTube Channel and my social media presence. I will not have made it this far without your continued support.

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Click Here to Enter the Giveaway:  LorenzYo Cubing 5K Giveaway

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Click Here to Enter the Giveaway:  LorenzYo Cubing 5K Giveaway

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Throw Talk Thursday Ep#16 – Some News

This video was a livestream of LorenzYo Cubing of lorenzyocubing.com from. Brentwood CA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for Yoyo Tricks and Mini Yoyo tutorials.

New Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

In this episode LoreznYo Cubing played with a few yoyos from TopYo, including the TopYo Turbine. He also announced some Yoyo news. First of he is doing a few give aways to help in his quest to have 5K subcribers by the end of the year. LorenzYo Cubing showcased the initial set of prizes he will be giving away.

More Yoyos at YoyoNation

Check out the video and watch this special announcement.


Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep#17 – Vosun EZSpin

This is a Throw Score Yoyo Review of the Vosun EZSpin.

The Vosun EZSpin is a good-quality Yoyo at a budget price.  This is a well made metal yoyo that can give you hours of Yoyoing fun.

Vosun EZSpin at YoyoBestbuy

Vosun EZSpin at YoyoNation

Yoyo Specifications

Bearing Size C Size
Width 38.85mm
Weight 66 grams
Diameter 41.9mm
Response 19mm

As I have tested it, the yoyo is a very stable techy yoyo.  It lands very solid on the string which makes it good for tech but not quite for speed.  The yoyo is bead blasted to a really smooth texture.  All Grinds on this yoyo are amazing except for finger spin.

I highly recommend this yoyo for the techy player looking for a good quality metal yoyo at an affordable price point.

Vosun EZSpin Throw Scores:

Smoothness 5 / 5
Weighty Feel –  light   1 2 3 4 5   heavy 4
Grinding Ability:

Finger Grinds:

Talon Grinds:

Thumb Grinds



5 / 5

5 / 5

5 / 5


Horizontal Play 3 / 5
Techy Style 5 / 5
Speedy Play 2/ 5
Floaty to  Stable: 1 2 3 4 5 5