CAL State Yoyo Competition 2017 1A Prelims – 28th Lorenzo Penacerrada

You guys have been asking for it, so here it is, my Cal State Yoyo Competition 2017 1A Prelims performance.

Enjoy…Rant video coming soon!

Going on stage for the first time pushed my nerves to the limit.  But when I watched the video of my performance, it felt a lot worse that it looked.  I did not quite make the finals, but getting the experience is inspiring me to do it again.  (Competition Results click here).

This is definitely an event that I will continue to attend year after year.  Thank you all for hanging out and being cool.

Check out the  video and let me know what you think.


Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep#4 – YoyoFreaks Your Mom

“100 Yoyos, 10 Color Ways, 1 Time Run,” that is what sums up YoyoFreaks Your Mom.  This is directly from the site

With the plethora of yoyo companies and yoyo models out there, YoyoFreaks is doing something different, quality versus quantity.  There are only 100 yoyos made of this series.  So when they are gone, they are gone.

Latest Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

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Yoyo Specifications

Bearing Size C Size
Width 44.2 mm
Gap Width 4.25 mm
Weight 67.9 grams
Diameter 56 mm
Response 19 mm

My first impressions were recorded in the unboxing video posted last week.  After a week of playing with this pro-quality throw, it has definitely made a great lasting impression on me.

First of the design and build quality is top notch.  The yoyo is bead blasted to a really smooth texture.  In fact the yoyo feels dead smooth.  The yoyo is slightly heavier compared to the OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV .  This makes the yoyo lean more towards Techy play than pure speed play.  The yoyo grinds really well, however, fingerspins and horizontal play is not its strength.

YoyoFreaks Your Mom feels really good while at play.  Even though spin time is really measured as much anymore, this yoyo spins and spins and spins.  Because of these performance qualities, this yoyo will definitely help you power through tricks and combos. .

Here now is the Throw Score of Yoyo Freaks Your Mom:

YoyoFreaks Your Mom Throw Scores:

Smoothness 5 / 5
Weighty Feel –  light   1 2 3 4 5   heavy 3 / 5
Grinding Ability:

Finger Grinds:

Talon Grinds:

Finger Spin:

14 / 15

5 / 5

4 / 5

2 / 5

Horizontal Play 2 / 5
Techy Style 5 / 5
Speedy Play 3 / 5
THROW SCORE 3.7 / 5 

With the 100 series gone, meaning it all sold out in a day gone, we are left to wonder what is next with YoyoFreaks.  Given the response of Throwers and the performance of this series, I hope we see JD release another another 100 series from YoyoFreaks.

Yoyo Tricks – Yoyofficer Xpoint

The following video is about performing yoyo tricks with the new Yoyofficer Xpoint.

But before we get into the video, I want to do a speacial shout out to Kinked Conceptions who made the decals shown below.  These are made from vinyl and are of good quality.  Thank you Shoshana Ford for your wonderful craft and the special gift you included 🙂

New LorenzYo Cubing appeal!!!!! #lorenzyocubing #yoyobestbuy #yoyo #speedcubing

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The Yoyofficer Xpoint is a newly dropped yoyo.  You can get it now at  I took it for a yoyo trick session which I recorded in the video below.

Yoyofficer X Point at

Yoyofficer Xpoint on Amazon

The Xpoint is a really good plastic yoyo.  It is also a good value at about $15.  It comes with two bearings, one thin bearing for responsive play and one wide “C” bearing for unresponsive play.  So whether you are a newbie or an intermdiate player you can get a lot of enjoyment out of this yoyo.

The Yoyofficer Xpoint comes in three colors, Black, Blue and Yellow.  It has a big diameter and feels good in your hand.  You can do classic yoyo tricks for responsive play using the thin bearing.  When you are ready for more advanced yoyo trick combinations swap out to the wider C bearing and go.  The yoyo is really a lot of fun and good for string tricks.

Also my Thank You Giveaway will begin on March 20, 2017!  Details will be announced on this website.  So, go ahead and follow me by clicking the green follow me button.  You will get email notification of my latest posts.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think of the yoyo tricks performed with the Yoyofficer Xpoint.

Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash

The next yoyo I am going to unbox is C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash.

I got the black version and this one is actually going to be a given away soon to one of you as a thank you for watching my videos, visiting my site and following my posts. But first have to wait for this cube that I ordered that is also going to be part of the giveaway. So this yoyo is not for mine to keep but this is for you guys whoever wins the giveaway.

The C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash is a plastic yo-yo in the middle with stainless steel rims that you usually find on bi-metal yoyos. C3YoyoDesign bought back some of the YoyoJam like stuff. YoyoJam does a lot of hybrids so I think this is going to feel like a YoyoJam yoyo.

C3YoyoDesign Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

Yoyos at

Out of the box, this yoyo feels pretty cool. This actually feels a lot like a metal yoyo. I could probably use this for competition. This is the best plastic yoyo I have ever touched. You can actually grind on this plastic and it does not hurt. Usually plastic yoyos they do not really grind.

So right now this feels a lot like a metal yoyo. If I did not know this was a plastic yoyo you would think this is a high-end metal yoyo. You can finger spin with it even with the logo placement on the yoyo. Wow, who ever is going to win this from the giveaway is going to like it.

Yoyo players are going to like this. I admit I am really liking this yoyo. For horizontal to it is really smooth. Wow! I really do not know what to say except I am just loving it right now.

So that was the unboxing of the C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash. Whoever wins the giveaway that I will be announcing soon this is going to be yours 🙂

Check out the video and like, comment and share! PEACE OUT Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Throw Score – A Yoyo Review of the TopYo Quantum

I have had the TopYo Quantum for a week and I really am very impressed by this Yoyo.  Since the unboxing I cannot put this Yoyo down.  It is a bi-metal Yoyo and is considered a budget yoyo because of the price, but it feels so much more.  To give the Yoyo a thorough review and to be able to relate my experience with it, I put together this review.

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

TopYo Yoyos on Amazon

This review is completely different from what you are used to seeing. The approach is from a yoyoer’s point of view, meaning I have come up with categories to rate a yoyo from what yoyo players are looking to get from a yoyo.  The categories are described below. Each category has a score from 1 – 5. The higher the score the better except for Weight Feel, which the lower number represents a lighter feel and the higher number a heavier feel.

Here are the categories:

1. Smoothness – How smoothe the yoyo spins (Score 1-5).
2. Weight Feel – How heavy does the yoyo feel in your hand while at play (Score 1-5, light to heavy feel).
3. Grinding Ability – How well can the yoyo carries out yoyo grinding tricks. The score is composed of three subcategories, Finger Grinds, Talon Grinds and Finger spins. All of which have a score of 1-5 which are added for a combined score of 1-15.
4. Horrizontal Play – How well the yoyo carries out horrizontal tricks or combos (Score 1-5).
5. Style of Play – What kind of combos of tricks the yoyo is more likely suited. No numeric score.

To summarize the scores, I took categories 1,3 and 4 and added the scores together and divided them by 5. This average number represents a score of the yoyo itself, which we will call the Throw Score.

Check out the yoyo review video and let me know what you think about the TopYo Quantum and the Throw Score.

Yoyo Tricks Tutorial – Vanilla Mint

Thank Vanilla Mint is the trick I performed in the slow-mo video in a previous post Everything Is Cooler In Slow-mo Even Vanilla Mint.

In this tutorial I used yoyo named Expedition by BaseCamp.  The actual yoyo is here below:

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In this yoyo trick tutorial, I perform the complete combo at a slower pace.  This is to show you the details of the various elements of the trick.  The viewpoint starts of from the audience point of view.

I then switch to the yoyoers point of view.  This is the meat of the tutorial.  The pace of the trick is much slower and I have broken out the elements in steps.  From this viewpoint, you can see the intricacies of the trick.  You will see where to land the yoyo, what string and even what finger position to use to throughout the combo.

After the step by step yoyoers view point, I switch back to the audience view and execute the yoyo trick combo at its intended speed

The yoyo trick seems complex, but with this video, you should be able to follow the steps.  With practice, you will be able to add it to your combos.

Have fun!

Yoyo Tricks – The Freshman

It is the first day of school.  I have my books, backpack, lunch, school clothes and yoyo.  You meet your teachers, find your classes and meet new friends as well as reunite with old ones.  Everything feels fresh, new and exciting.  This is the inspiration to the yoyo trick in the video.

Newest Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

YoyoFactory Protostar on Amazon

I named the trick The Freshman because when I do the trick, it feels fresh, new, exciting and even a little cheeky, LOL.  Seriously, I looked at this video and thought to myself, I look like a freshman during his first day of school.

The yoyo in the video is a plastic yoyo by Yoyo Factory called the Yoyo Factory Protostar.
I like this yoyo because even though it is plastic, it plays like a metal yoyo.

Lorenyzo Cubing’s Yoyo Factory Protostar

Check out “The Freshman” and let me know what you think and leave a comment.  Also feel free to Like and Share.

PEACE OUT Y’ALL!!!! Launch

It is official, today February 12, 2017 the website is launched, .  It seems time flew fast.  Just a couple of years ago I started my youtube channel and now we launch an actual site on the internet.  Pretty cool indeed!

What better way to launch the site than a video.  This video is a way for me to introduce myself officially to the world.

LorenzYo Cubing doing a horizontal jump yoyo trick during a video shoot in an Antioch for his website launch video.

Newest yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

It starts off by a quick introduction then I talk about how i got started with yoyo tricks.  I even shared my thoughts on what is important to get better at this hobby and advice for kids who wants to get started.

I brought my Duncan yoyo bag that day.  The bag contains my favorite yoyos.  It is hard to imagine that I started with the DV888 which I like.  

YoyoFactory DV888 Amazon

But now I have many other advanced yoyos to play with and enjoy.  It is truly a blessing to be able to enjoy this sport.

Lorenzyo Cubing’s favorite yoyos in his Duncan bag.

Like my first video that launched my youtube channel, I shot this video with my Dad.  We were joined by his friends who were really awesome and was responsible for the awesome video.

The yoyo I used in this video to perform tricks is one of my favorite yoyos, the CLYW Orca. Here is the actual yoyo in 360.

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So without further delay, here is the launch video.  Please like, comment and subscribe.


Yoyo Tricks – Everything Is Cooler In Slow-mo even Vanilla Mint

This video is different from the ones we posted before.  We visited a friend of my Dad in his production studio and I was blown away.  Actually my Dad was blown away because between him and I, he is the one who geeks over video equipment 🙂

Latest yoyo releases at YoyoBestBuy

In the studio, we shot video of tricks from different angles and scenes but mostly outdoors.  This one was the only one we shot indoors.

Lorenzyo Cubing performing a Yoyo trick he named Vanilla Mint using a CLYW Orca.

The setup was fairly simple, there were two side lights and a black backdrop as the background.  At first I thought, hmmm this is different.  But it was not until I saw the video footage that made me realize how cool the shot was.

Similar Yoyos On Amazon

You know I cannot name yoyo tricks and in fact, I am one of those players that says it is just a combo.  But since this video is full of new things, lighting, background, indoor video footage, the music, I am going to name it.  Let me call this combo Vanilla Mint, because it is cool and refreshing like the breath mints sitting on my desk 🙂

My favorite mints sitting on my desk.

The trick itself is straight forward but technical in nature.  It involves string slack control, speed control, and finishes with a picture trick.  As if the shot was not cool enough, when I was editing it, I saw something that made it cooler, slow motion.

Check out the video and comment below.  Thanks!

Yoyo Tricks – Magic Yoyo Stealth M04

Finally got the Magic Yoyo Stealth M04 from YoyoBestBuy and it is pretty cool.  I picked it up from the store and was so excited.  The yoyo comes in two color schemes, Greyscale Stealth Splash and an Ultra Violet Red Splash.

I ended up choosing the Greyscale Stealth Splash, which you will see in the video.
Magic Yoyo Stealth on Amazon

Even before leaving the store, I tried it out and was able to feel out the yoyo.  It felt good to hold and even better to play.  Check out the video I put together and if you want more information about the Magic Yoyo Stealth MO4 click on the link.

Magicyoyo Stealth M04 in Red Violet

Special shout out to JD at YoyoBestBuy who was gracious enough to let me check out the shop.