Vlog#2 – National Yoyo Contest 2017

In this 30 minute vlog, follow me as I go to the National Yoyo Contest 2017!!!


In my perspective, you’ll see things that happened at the contest that you never noticed before on the nationals 2017 videos.

This contest was easily the best contest that I’ve ever been to. I never thought that I would ever be the video sponsor at a contest this big. 

Thank you so much to TOP-YO, YoyoBestBuy, YoyoNation, and Ozhiriz for making this possible for me.

And also, thank you #TESTOSTERONEBOYZ (yungranchcrew plus yoyohypesquad) for making this contest fun, and by fun I mean LOUD. Finally, congratulations to Evan Nagao for becoming the new 1a National Champion.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this half hour LorenzYo Cubing special!!!

Vlog#1 West Coast Yoyo Championship 2017

Instead of doing a trick compilation video or a lifestreams for trhis competition, I decided to be like Rowland Balcom and do a vlog!!!

In the beginning of the day, Hanz and I woke up at 3:00 AM and drove 6 hours all the way to Fontana. We arrived there 20 minutes early so we had to wait in the hot sun outside the venue where I got to see my yoyo friends again, including some members of the YoyoHypeSquad. When I walked into the venue, my heart stopped for a second once I saw the stage. It was unlike the stages for competitions that I’ve seen before. This was a real stage!!! The good news was I wouldn’t have to worry about outside weather while performing.

Speaking of performing, I ended up getting 24th place out of the 37 that competed in the 1a Pro Division which I was really happy about because I didn’t get last.

Did I mention that the YoyoHypeSquad made it’s first official appearance at the competition? If you wanna know which performance was the loudest, skip to the section where Evan Nagao performed.

Thank You so much to Tsai Ding (creator of TOPYO) for sponsoring me and paying my competition fee.

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