Yoyo Unboxing – MagicYoyo Stealth M04

In this video I unboxed the MagicYoyo Stealth M04!!!

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A while back, I did a promo video the MagicYoyo Stealth M04 yo-yo but it stripped before I could do a review on it, so MagicYoyo took the time to send me a brand new one that also had a brand new 2018 color way on it!!!

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Out of the box this yoyo is dead smooth, although the finish on the yoyo has a very strong matted feel that has a similar effect as a glossy finish.  It may stick to your sweaty fingers a little when it gets hot but very minimal.

This yoyo has excellent rim weight but is still light enough to do tricks that require a lot of movement. Since it has both the stableness of the rims and the light weight, this yoyo can handle any trick you throw at it!!!

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It is light enough and has good rim weight for speed, but the rims can also have a good stable feel for tech. Plus the round shape is good for tricks like rejections. The catch zone is just perfect not too wide not too narrow for whip tricks like lacerations and meta, and also for horizontal. The bowl in the face of the yoyo is also pretty good for finger spins, the yoyo is also very good at normal grinds as well.

Overall this is a great bi-metal yoyo from MagicYoyo and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the money for it!!!

Thank you so much to MagicYoyo for sending this to me this throw is awesome!!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Yoyo Unboxing – MagicYoyo Y01 Node

In this video I unboxed the new MagicYoyo Y01 Node which was provided by YoyoBestBuy.

This yoyo is one that can be classified as a budget yoyo.  That said my first impressions of this yoyo is very good.  Do not let the low price fool you, this is a  very capable yoyo that can easily be used for advanced yoyo trick combos and even competition.

The yoyo is dead smooth on the first throw. It plays fast but can easily do techy style play as well.

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MagicYoyo Y01 Node on Amazon.com

The shape is a V-shape design that is fairly straight forward.  On the MagicYoyo website the Y01 Node is described as having a butterfly shape.

The color way was done really well with a smooth finish matte finish on the outside and a glossy finish on the inside of the cup.

MagicYoyo Y01 Node Specs:

Body Shape :Butterfly
Weight:68 g
Gap Width: 5 mm

Bearing Structure:10 ball stainless KK bearing

Body Material:Alloy6061
Style: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
Response: Yellow Silicon Pad

Yoyo Sale at Ozhiriz.com

Like I mentioned in the beginning, do not let the price fool you.  This is a well designed yoyo that will give you hours of fun and performance.  Check out my unboxing video below and let me know what you think.

Oh by the way, Ran-Dom is in this video.  Consider yourself warned 🙂

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MagicYoyo Y01 Node on Amazon.com



Yoyo Unboxing – Duncan Haymaker X

In this video I unboxed the Duncan Haymaker X

Duncan really stepped up there game in my opinion. After playing with yoyos like the Duncan Imperial, Butterfly, or Metal drifter, I would’ve never expected them to make a yoyo this good.

Right out of the box the yoyo was dead smooth and could play any style that I want it to play whether it be speed, tech, horizontal, you name it. The bi-metal rings also made it very balanced and stable so that when playing horizontal or  any other type of play it will resist tilt. This is an excellent yoyo and it has become one of my personal favorites.

If you have $120 dollars lying around then I would highly recommend this yoyo.

Big thanks to my Kuya Brian from Duncan for sending me this, you’re the best.

Enjoy the unboxing!!!