Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep#35- TopYo Impulse S

In this episode of throw score yoyo review, I reviewed the latest version of the TopYo Impulse, the bi-metal TopYo Impulse S.  This was the same yoyo in the unboxing video of the TopYo Sponsorship package #5.

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The TOPYO Impulse S has the same shape and dimensions as the original Impulse.  The body is made of 7003 Aluminum with added stainless steel rims inset into the cup.  So if you like the original impulse the S will be very familiar but with a little more power.

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It is very impressive out of the box.  It is beautifully crafted with new color ways.  Check out the Throw Score Yoyo Review of TOPYO Impulse S.  Please Comment, Like, Subscribe and share.

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TOPYO IMPULSE S Throw Scores: 


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Yoyo Release – Topyo Impulse S

Remember the review I did on one of Topyo’s solid performing yoyos, the Topyo Impulse.  Well if you have become a believer in this quality value brand of throws, wait until you see how this yoyo just got a tad hotter.  You have seen this in my Throw Talk Thursday.  Now see the Topyo Impulse S up close.

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This throw has the same shape and design we love but now as a bi-metal version.  Here are the spec:

  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Width:43mm
  • Weight:66.4G
  • Gap:4.5mm
  • Material:  Aluminum 7003 + Stainless Steel Rims

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TopYo Impulse S, Blue with Black Rim Colorway

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TopYo Impulse S – Bloodstain with Silver Rim Colorway

The TopYo Impulse S as provided by TopYo came in two color ways pictured above.  It is also available in two other colorways pictured below.





These yoyos should now be available or soon to be available at your favorite yoyo retails stores.

Check out the up close video of the Impulse S below.  Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe:

Throw Talk Thrusday Ep#21 – Weekly Giveaway Winner Drawing Sponsored by TopYo

This video is about drawing winners for the LoreznYoCubing 5K Giveaway sponsored by TOPYO.

Thank you Tsai Ding for all your support of my YouTube Channel and my social media presence.  Your support will definitely help with my goal of growing my channel at 5,000 subscribers by the end of 2017.

To all my faithful viewers and friends, you help push me to do better.  Thank you for your viewership, trust and support.

This video is the first of 3 weekly drawings of TOPYO Yoyo’s.  To recap the giveaway, here is a quick promo video

Here are the winners posted on Instagram:

Check out the video of the drawing on this awesome Throw Talk Thursday!

Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep#14 – TopYo Impulse

In this episode of Throw Score I reviewed the TopYo Impulse.

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TopYo Impulse at

After playing with the TopYo Impulse this throw has become one of my absolute favorites. I have yet to find any flaws in this yoyo. There are no parts of the design that interferes with grinds. The rim weight is evenly distributed and the yoyo has an even balance of a floaty to stable ratio, so it can handle speedy and techy tricks easily without a problem. This is definitely one of my favorite throws and I highly recommend it to everyone and all styles.

Throw Talk Thursday EP#5 Yoyo Sponsorship w/ TopYo

This video was a livestream of LorenzYo Cubing of from Brentwood CA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for Yoyo Tricks and Mini Yoyo tutorials.

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In the video LorenzYo Cubing practiced his prelim routine for the West Coast Regionals. He used two Yoyos from Topyo, the Topyo Implust and the TopYo DDouble Zero and the Impulse.

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Yoyo Unboxing – Sponsorship Package from TOPYO and YoyoNation Announcement. ft. HanzYoyo

In this video, I finally reveal my two big announcements I hinted in last week’s live videos.  As you already know I am an affiliate of YoyoBestBuy and both of which have supported me in growth over the last year.   I owe a lot specially to YoyoBestBuy who continues to partner and mentor me as I navigate this yo-yo world.

My 1st big announcement has to do with another affiliate, as of this week, I am also an affiliate of YOYONATION!



This means you will see banner ads on my website from YoyoNation as well as links to thier site from my videos of Yoyos I review for them.

The 2nd big announcement has to do with being sponsored.  Starting this week I am officially part of the TOPYO competitive team.  

That means when I go on competitions, I will be repesenting the TOPYO yoyo brand.  This is quite exciting and a dream come true for me.


In the video, unboxing I showed the sponsorship package that came from TopYo, as well as the TopYo Empty featured below.

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There were a total of 7 yoyos i unboxed.  Two of which are top secret but will be revealed in future videos.  The rest of the yoyos can be seen in this page.
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Thank you to all of you for your continued support in watching videos, visiting my website, following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Thank you to our affiliate sponsores, YoyoBestBuy, YoyoNation and Amazon.  And big thank you to Tsai-Ding of TOPYO for sponsoring me in all of my competitive endeavors.

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