Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep# 29 – C3YoyoDesign + MagicYoyo Vapormotion

In this episode of throw score yoyo review, I reviewed the C3YoyoDesign and MagicYoyo Collaboration yoyo named Vapormotion.  The yoyo was provided by YoyoBestBuy for the review and unboxing.

Vapormotion at

Vapormotion at YoyoNation 

In my unboxing of the Vapormotion, you can see the yoyo up close.  It is in that video that I demonstrated using the yoyo in regular play.  The vapormotion feels good in the hand and at play.

Yoyos On Sale at

Diameter 57 mm
Width 42.7 mm
Gap Width 4.3 mm
Bearing Buddha Bearing Ripple
Bearing Size C Size
Response C3 Blue Pad
Material 6061 Aluminum & Polycarbonate Plastic

In this version of the ThrowScore Yoyo Review, I mixed in something different, the music.  You asked for it so I served it up.  The music I used in this version is by N3Beats.

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Vapormotion at

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TopYo Innovator Throw Scores:

Smoothness 5 / 5
Weighty Feel –  light   1 2 3 4 5   heavy 2.5
Grinding Ability:

Finger Grinds:

Talon Grinds:

Thumb Grinds


12.5 / 20

5 / 5

1.5 / 5

1 / 5

5 / 5

Horizontal Play 4.5 / 5
Techy Style 4.5 / 5
Speedy Play 4.5 / 5
Floaty to  Stable: 1 2 3 4 5 3

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Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign + MagicYoyo Vapormotion

The video is a yoyo unboxing video of the C3YoyoDesign and MagicYoyo collaboration, Vapormotion.  The yoyo for the unboxing was provided by YoyoBestBuy.

Vapormotion at YoyoBestbuy

Vapormotion at YoyoNation 

The Vapormotion was designed by C3YoyoDesign.  You can see the roots of C3 specially with the finger spin cup.

  But this collaboration will not be complete without MagicYoyo manufacturing.  They are the ones that made the yoyo based on C3’s design.

The result of this collaboration is the Vapormotion.  Which to me comes as a very pleasant surprise.  See historically MagicYoyo has been producing budget yoyos which are of good quality.  But this throw is a different level.  It is of excellent quality and design.  The collaboration between the two companies worked.

Yoyos on Sale at Ozhiriz

In terms of playability, the yoyo is very capable all around.  Although at first glance the combination of plastic with metal rims plus the V like shape suggest that this yoyo was made for speed.  It is actually a well rounded yoyo.  You can do speed and tech with the Vapormation.

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Vapormotion at YoyoBestbuy

Vapormotion at YoyoNation 

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Throw Score Yoyo Review EP#11 – MagicYoyo Metal Skyva

In this episode of Throw Score, I reviewed the MagicYoyo Metal Skyva.

MagicYoyo Metal Skyva at 

MagicYoyo Metal Skyva at

After playing with this yoyo I am amazed at how good this yoyo plays and am surprised that this is actually a MagicYoyo. The Plastic Skyva was okay but the metal version gave it abilities that the original didn’t, specifically finger grinds. This yoyo only had a few but very little flaws that kept it from being a 5/5 throw.

First off, while playing horizontally I noticed that it was a bit difficult to catch the yoyo on the string if I was for example doing a horizontal Eli hop. It was just a tad narrow and would’ve been better if it was a tad wider than it is. The second problem was the inner cup grinds, but I’m not talking about finger spins because those are perfect. I’m talking about talon and thumb grinds. The only ledge you really have to do those types of grinds is the section of the face where it starts leading in to the finger spin dimple. It is very rounded and far from the outer section in the diameter of the yoyo. This would’ve been better it the place where it starts leading into the dimple was closer to the outer section of the face and a bit flatter.

Other than that, the playability of this yoyo is fantastic. I highly recommend this yoyo to anyone who loved the original skyva.


Yoyo Unboxing – MagicYoyo Metal Skyva

Alright guys it’s time to go through this cycle again!!! I just got a whole new batch of yoyos from yoyobestbuy and I’m ready to start unboxing and reviewing these bad boys. In this video I unboxed the new MagicYoyo Metal Skyva.

MagicYoyo Metal Skyva at YoyoBestbuy

MagicYoyo Metal Skyva at yoyonation 

After playing with the MagicYoyo Metal Skyva, I can confidently say that this is   the best MagicYoyo that I’ve ever played with. It is dead smooth, it can hit all my tricks and combos consistently weather speed, tech, front, or horizontal, and since it’s metal not only is the finger spin amazing, but the rest of the grinds are amazing as well. Definitely a huge step up from the original MagicYoyo Skyva. Even though I haven’t done a Throw Score video yet, I can already tell that this is going to be a very high score.

Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep#10 – MagicYoyo Carpfin

In this episode of Throw Score, I reviewed the MagicYoyo Carpfin

More from MagicYoyo at  

More from MagicYoyo at

After playing with the MagicYoyo Carpfin I found out some of it’s strengths and weaknesses. Lets start off with strengths. The MagicYoyo Carpfin is a very stable yoyo that will power through your techy tricks. It is very good at horizontal play, finger spins, and finger grinds. Now lets get into some of it’s weaknesses. The yoyo can be a little too heavy sometimes so doing speed is not too excellent here. Also, since the face of the yoyo is very glossy, it can be difficult to do talon grinds and thumb grinds.

Overall, if you are a mainstream techy player, then this yoyo is for you. This is a fun yoyo and definitely a must in everyone’s collection.


Throw Talk Thursday Ep #2

This video is a live stream video of LorenzYo Cubing talking about various topics related to Yoyos and Yoyo Tricks. In this episode, he talked about BAC 2017, The Hype Crew, YoyoBestBuy and MagicYoyo reposting his review on their official Facebook Page.

LorenzYo Cubing also was requested to perform various tricks including Horizontals and speed combos. He exhibited the Harrison Hurricane and the final triangle trick he learned for Evan Nagao at the BAC 2017.

YoyoRecreation Diffusion at YoyoBestBuy

LorenzYo Cubing was asked about various yoyos, including YoyoRecreation POM and Gargantua.  He ended up showing the Gargantua and taking it through a few tricks.  There was a lot of talk about YOYOFFICER and how LorenzYo Cubing recommends the Yacare as a budget priced yoyo performing way above it’s price.

YOYOFFICER Yacare at YoyoBestBuy

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Yoyo Unboxing – MagicYoyo Katana

This video is the Yoyo unboxing of the MagicYoyo Katana by LorenzYo Cubing.

The MagicYoyo Katana is a bi-metal H shaped yoyo that is a lot of fun.  it comes with a golden bearing that looks and feel legit when at play.

My first impressions right out of the box is the yoyo is dead smooth.  The bearing sounds pretty cool, spins really fast and is of great quality.

Playing with this yoyo is very satisfying. It plays according to your style whether is is speed, tech, and generally hits your tricks very well.  Because of the shape, horizontal tricks are awesome with this throw.

MagicYoyos at

More information about the Katana from MagicYoyo

MagicYoyo has definitely stepped up their game.  The quality of the yoyos they produce today is much improved compared to earlier models.  On the MagicYoyo Katana, the response is good.  It does not snag, nor respond late.  It feel just right.

Executing tricks and hitting binds on this yoyo is really cool.  I highly recommend the MagicYoyo Katana.  It is a fun bi-metal yoyo of great quality.

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