Yoyo Unboxing – Duncan Barracuda Jr. and Duncan Windrunner

In this video I unboxed the Duncan Barracuda Jr. and the Duncan Windrunner.  The yoyos were provided by Duncan for the review.

Duncan Barracuda Jr. at Yo-yo.com

To start off, I did not know what was in the box, all I know was that it came from Duncan.  Thank you Kuya Sean for sending the package.

Duncan Windrunner at Yo-yo.com

In this review there are a few new things.  First besides the Yoyos, I am using the new Canon M50 with a Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 STM Lens.  This is the new mirrorless camera from Canon that was released a few weeks ago.  It is the same camera we used to film the California Yoyo Championships 2018 last weekend at Jack London Square.  This is an awesome camera to use, very versatile and fast focusing.  Click on the links above or on the left for more details.

Canon M50 at Amazon.com

Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 STM Lens at Amazon.com

The two yoyos are fairly distinct.  The Barracuda Jr. is an undersized or pocket yoyo while the Windrunner is a full sized all aluminum budget friendly throw.  Both are of good quality and dead smooth.  Both are around the $30 to $40 range.  Without revealing too much of the unboxing review, these are very good buys for the price and quality.

Again, big thanks to Kuya Brian from Duncan for sending me these, you are super cool!

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Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep#34- DUNCAN HAYMAKER X

In this episode of throw score yoyo review, I reviewed the DUNCAN HAYMAKER X, the latest addition to Duncan’s Bi-metal line of yoyos (X line).  This was the same yoyo in the unboxing video and was provided by Duncan Yoyo via Yo-yo.com.

Duncan Haymayker X at Yo-yo.com

In my yoyo unboxing of the Duncan Haymaker X,  you can see the yoyo up close and in motion as I take it through various trick combos.  It is in that video that I demonstrated using the yoyo in regular play.  According to Duncan, “the engineering and design process for the HaymakerX was the most difficult to-date. Our team spent countless hours tuning the body and press fitting the stainless steel rings to ensure durability and stability on every throw.”  And from what I have experienced with the Haymaker X, all that work manifested in the performance of this Yoyo.

It is very impressive out of the box.  It is beautifully crafted and very sleek.  The looks of the yoyo is certainly matched by it’s performance.

Check out the Throw Score Yoyo Review of Duncan Haymaker X.  This review is the first review where I used the UV light from Houlight.  I think you are going like the visuals of this video.  Please Comment, Like, Subscribe and share.

Duncan Haymayker X at Yo-yo.com



Yoyo Sale at Ozhiriz.com

Yoyo Unboxing – Duncan Haymaker X

In this video I unboxed the Duncan Haymaker X

Duncan really stepped up there game in my opinion. After playing with yoyos like the Duncan Imperial, Butterfly, or Metal drifter, I would’ve never expected them to make a yoyo this good.

Right out of the box the yoyo was dead smooth and could play any style that I want it to play whether it be speed, tech, horizontal, you name it. The bi-metal rings also made it very balanced and stable so that when playing horizontal or  any other type of play it will resist tilt. This is an excellent yoyo and it has become one of my personal favorites.

If you have $120 dollars lying around then I would highly recommend this yoyo.

Big thanks to my Kuya Brian from Duncan for sending me this, you’re the best.

Enjoy the unboxing!!!