Throw Score Yoyo Review Ep# 29 – C3YoyoDesign + MagicYoyo Vapormotion

In this episode of throw score yoyo review, I reviewed the C3YoyoDesign and MagicYoyo Collaboration yoyo named Vapormotion.  The yoyo was provided by YoyoBestBuy for the review and unboxing.

Vapormotion at

Vapormotion at YoyoNation 

In my unboxing of the Vapormotion, you can see the yoyo up close.  It is in that video that I demonstrated using the yoyo in regular play.  The vapormotion feels good in the hand and at play.

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Diameter 57 mm
Width 42.7 mm
Gap Width 4.3 mm
Bearing Buddha Bearing Ripple
Bearing Size C Size
Response C3 Blue Pad
Material 6061 Aluminum & Polycarbonate Plastic

In this version of the ThrowScore Yoyo Review, I mixed in something different, the music.  You asked for it so I served it up.  The music I used in this version is by N3Beats.

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Vapormotion at

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TopYo Innovator Throw Scores:

Smoothness 5 / 5
Weighty Feel –  light   1 2 3 4 5   heavy 2.5
Grinding Ability:

Finger Grinds:

Talon Grinds:

Thumb Grinds


12.5 / 20

5 / 5

1.5 / 5

1 / 5

5 / 5

Horizontal Play 4.5 / 5
Techy Style 4.5 / 5
Speedy Play 4.5 / 5
Floaty to  Stable: 1 2 3 4 5 3

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Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign + MagicYoyo Vapormotion

The video is a yoyo unboxing video of the C3YoyoDesign and MagicYoyo collaboration, Vapormotion.  The yoyo for the unboxing was provided by YoyoBestBuy.

Vapormotion at YoyoBestbuy

Vapormotion at YoyoNation 

The Vapormotion was designed by C3YoyoDesign.  You can see the roots of C3 specially with the finger spin cup.

  But this collaboration will not be complete without MagicYoyo manufacturing.  They are the ones that made the yoyo based on C3’s design.

The result of this collaboration is the Vapormotion.  Which to me comes as a very pleasant surprise.  See historically MagicYoyo has been producing budget yoyos which are of good quality.  But this throw is a different level.  It is of excellent quality and design.  The collaboration between the two companies worked.

Yoyos on Sale at Ozhiriz

In terms of playability, the yoyo is very capable all around.  Although at first glance the combination of plastic with metal rims plus the V like shape suggest that this yoyo was made for speed.  It is actually a well rounded yoyo.  You can do speed and tech with the Vapormation.

Check the unboxing video of the C3YoyoDesign + MagicYoyo Vapormotion below.  Please like, comment, subcribe and share!


Vapormotion at YoyoBestbuy

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Throw Talk Thursday Ep#15 – What Style Should I Do Today?

This video was a livestream of LorenzYo Cubing of from Brentwood CA. In the video he interacted with viewers answering questions and taking requests for Yoyo Tricks and Mini Yoyo tutorials.

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In the video LorenzYo performed yoyo tricks with various Yoyos including the C3 YoyoDesign Gamma Crash and the C3 YoyoDesign Contrail. He also surveyed the livestream viewers on who what Yoyo Tricks and Yoyo Tutorials they want to see.

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Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign Contrail

In this unboxing I unboxed the C3YoyoDesign Contrail.

C3YoyoDesign Contrail at

So I’d totally tell you guys what I think about this yoyo, but there’s one problem, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY 4A!!!!!! The only thing I can say about this yoyo is that I was able to do a tricks and then get it back up to my hand. So I totally recommend it hahahaha. Sorry if you guys wanted a real review but I don’t know what to think or how to think about the performance of this yoyo. Maybe in the future when I get better at 4a I’ll be able to actually give a good review on this yoyo.

But for now enjoy this sadly real but very funny unboxing video of me failing at offspring haha. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign Bastet

In this unboxing I unboxed the C3YoyoDesign Bastet.

C3 Bastet at YoyoStoreRewind

When I first threw the yoyo, it was very smooth, but while testing the smoothness of the yoyo which involves placing your finger against it, I noticed that the yoyo was very glossy. So when I tried grinding, the yoyo kept rolling off my arm. So the only way I could grind without the yoyo rolling off was if I tilted my hand down a lot.

More yoyos at

More yoyos at

In terms of playability, the yoyo feels very powerful when you throw it down, so when you throw it you’ll feel a very heavy thud. It feels very bouncy when you land it on the string. It’s right in the middle of floaty and stable so it’s sort of an all around type of yoyo. Although since it’s so narrow, it’s very difficult to catch the yoyo sometimes while playing horizontal.

According to YoyoStoreRewind, the Yoyo “has the great balance of the Radius, but the smoothness of the Capless that gives it really sweet rejection tricks. That smoothness also lends itself to intense long combos.”  It definitely has a unique feel to it.

This Yoyo would be a great buy if you are looking to try something new and unique.



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Why I Don’t Compete in Yoyo Competitions

Many of you in the comments keep asking questions like, Why don’t you compete? or Why are you not competing? and You Should Compete.

Lorenzo if you competed earlier you would have been sponsored already. That is not really true. Renzo how come we do not see you on stage during competitions. Well, let me tell you why. Actually you know what let me show you why?

Check out the Video and let me know your thoughts.

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Yoyo Used in the Video:  C3YoyoDesign Teleport – courtesy of Michael Schmidt

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Speaking of competing you watch me compete in a yoyo competition for the very first time at the CalState 2017 competition this Saturday, April 15, 2017.  Details are below.

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