Yoyo Unboxing – Yoyofficer Rave


The next yoyo I am unboxing is the Yoyofficer Rave.  I tried this yoyo once before and I really liked it so I thought why not get one for myself.

I got the green with purple splash that matches my other Yoyofficer yoyo called the Vector.   The colorway is really nice.  Yoyofficer did a good job with this Throw.  

The Yoyofficer Rave is a bi-metal yoyo which I purchased at YoyoBestBuy at around $99.97.  Out of the box, the yoyo feels really smooth while at play but the response is not as strong.  However it still throws really well.

Something I noticed about Yoyofficer yoyos, the string that comes with it is really short.  So being a techy player, I like the strings a little longer so I just swap it out with Kitty Fat.

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The yoyo finish is not bead blasted but rather it is on the glossy side.  However it is still very smooth and grinds well.  In term of weight feel, the yoyo seems to be on the heavier side.  Which makes this yoyo lean towards techy play styles rather than speedy.  The shape as well not being a “v” shape suggests it is designed more for techy style play.

My recommendation if you are considering buying this yoyo is to get additional response pads.  This should help in adjusting the responsiveness of the yoyoy to your liking.  Overall, the Yoyofficer Rave is very nice bi-metal yoyo that should put a smile on the face of the techy player in you.

Check out the unboxing video of the Yoyofficer Rave and let me know what you think.  Throw Score yoyo review to follow soon.


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