Yoyo Unboxing – TopYo Raiser


In this video I unboxed the TopYo Raiser along with a sponsorship package!!!

First off, congrats to Eugene Joh for getting sponsored by TopYo!!! Welcome to the family brudda and I’m super happy for you, and for me too cause I’m not the only one in the U.S. anymore haha.

The yoyos I got in the package were new color ways of the rimmed silenus, impulse, and photon, along with the new TopYo Raiser.

The TopYo Raiser bi-metal is a very smooth yoyo. I noticed that it plays very fast and very light. The inner rims give it good rim weight so that the yoyo isn’t too floaty. the open shape allows the yoyo to handle techy tricks very well, it also allows it to play horizontal pretty nice as well.

Overall this is an all around bi-metal throw and I highly recommend it!!!

Enjoy the video!!!


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