Yoyo Unboxing – TopYo Quantum


Just got 5 of the latest yoyos from YoyoBestbuy.  This video shows the first yoyo unboxing of the bunch. The yoyo is the Quantum by Topyo.  It is a bi-metal Yoyo and is considered a budget yoyo because of the price.

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

TopYo Yoyos on Amazon

My first impression of this yoyo out of the box is sheer wow!  Right out of the box, I took this yoyo through paces of various yoyo tricks and combos.  It feels amazing to play with.  The bearing feels smooth.  The yoyo feels good in my hand and excellent on the throw.  I also geeked out about the color being pink, it is really cool.

If you ever have problems with landing tricks and need a yoyo to just power through your combos, I think this is worth checking out.  Although I will still do a more comprehensive review, my initial verdict of this yoyo by TopYo is “competition yoyo worthy.”

Check out the unboxing video and let me know what you think.


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