Yoyo Unboxing – Offset Outlier


In this video I unboxed Brandon Vu’s signature yoyo the Offset Outlier

Offset Outlier at OffsetYoyos

This yoyo has a generally large diameter and is not too wide and not too narrow. It has some nice stainless steal rims that have the Outlier later engraving and later I noticed that it had my Youtube initials on it “LYC”. I believe that Brandon puts the initials of the player that ordered it next to the Outlier engraving.

This yoyo is dead smooth on the first throw. In terms of playability this yoyo is actually phenomenal in all the styles I threw at it. It is light but the rims make it stable enough so that it can play all styles. The lightness and stability of the rims makes it excellent at speed and since it is wide it is very good for tech as well. The open catch zone makes whip and laceration tricks very easy and it also is awesome at horizontal tricks. All grinds are very good on this yoyo however the rough laser engravings in the faces makes it feel weird while doing finger spins but isn’t that much of a problem.

Overall this is an awesome throw and I highly recommend this yoyo to anyone that has $110 bucks in their pocket. Huge thanks to Brandon for sending me this throw and I hope you enjoy the one I sent you as well haha.

Enjoy the video!!!


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