Yoyo Unboxing – CLYW Pickaxe


In this video I unboxed the CLYW Pickaxe.

When I first took this yoyo out of the box, I noticed that the yoyo is quite undersized. The yoyo is also very light in weight which makes sense since its very small.

The yoyo is dead smooth on the first throw. It plays very floaty. However the yoyo lacks a little rim weight so even though it is light and floaty, it is not that efficient at speed. Also since the yoyo is undersized and a little narrow, the yoyo can be difficult for catching whips. The shape however is actually very good for rejections and tech, but since the yoyo is a little unstable it can get of balance occasionally. If the yoyo was a tad bigger and wider and had more rim weight, the yoyo would play more efficiently.

This yoyo however doesn’t really feel like one of CLYW’s competitive yoyos but a fun yoyo you would have in your collection.

Enjoy the video!!!





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