Yoyo Unboxing – C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash


The next yoyo I am going to unbox is C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash.

I got the black version and this one is actually going to be a given away soon to one of you as a thank you for watching my videos, visiting my site and following my posts. But first have to wait for this cube that I ordered that is also going to be part of the giveaway. So this yoyo is not for mine to keep but this is for you guys whoever wins the giveaway.

The C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash is a plastic yo-yo in the middle with stainless steel rims that you usually find on bi-metal yoyos. C3YoyoDesign bought back some of the YoyoJam like stuff. YoyoJam does a lot of hybrids so I think this is going to feel like a YoyoJam yoyo.

C3YoyoDesign Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

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Out of the box, this yoyo feels pretty cool. This actually feels a lot like a metal yoyo. I could probably use this for competition. This is the best plastic yoyo I have ever touched. You can actually grind on this plastic and it does not hurt. Usually plastic yoyos they do not really grind.

So right now this feels a lot like a metal yoyo. If I did not know this was a plastic yoyo you would think this is a high-end metal yoyo. You can finger spin with it even with the logo placement on the yoyo. Wow, who ever is going to win this from the giveaway is going to like it.

Yoyo players are going to like this. I admit I am really liking this yoyo. For horizontal to it is really smooth. Wow! I really do not know what to say except I am just loving it right now.

So that was the unboxing of the C3YoyoDesign Gamma Crash. Whoever wins the giveaway that I will be announcing soon this is going to be yours 🙂

Check out the video and like, comment and share! PEACE OUT Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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