Unboxing – HouLight UV LED Black Flood Light V2


This video is an unboxing video of the new and improved HouLight High Power 20W Ultra Violet UV LED Flood Light.

You may recall that I have unboxed the original version of this HouLight UV light before.  You can find that unboxing video by clicking here.

In the original video one of my criticisms about this light is there is no on and off switch.  Essentially to turn it on and off you literally need to plug it in the outlet or unplug it.  That effort becomes a bit inconvenient specially if you are using often.

This version 2 however is the new and improved version.  HouLight took notice of complaint and improved the product by adding an on and off switch on the light.  They reached out to me via messenger and asked if I can review the new and improved version and I agreed.  If you are in the market for a black light, look no further than the HouLight High Power 20W Ultra Violet UV LED Flood Light.  For yoyoing, it will make your strings look super cool and visible.

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