Unboxing – Black Light with Topyo Mojo & Speed Cubes


You have seen these videos before, yoyo tricks being performed in the dark with the string and yoyo giving off a nice luminous glow.  These are pretty cool to look at and gives a “wow” effect to those who are watching.

So how is it done?  The answer to that question points to UV light or Black light.  These cool lights come in various forms such as LED light strips, black light bulbs and even light bars.  Some of which are pictured below.

But what I have opted for is an LED Flood light from Amazon.

20W UV LED Flood Light from Amazon

I went with this set up after thinking through what I am going to use it for, which is to make the glowing effects for some of my yoyo trick and cubing videos.  I wanted to have control over where I point the light, so it needs to be a small package that I can mask and flag.  Also I wanted to have it powerful enough (20W) and budget friendly at the same time.  This light from Amazon is about $34.  If that is too much, there is also a 10W version that is under $20.

TopYo Mojo from YoyoBestBuy

Topyo Yoyos from YoyoNation

In the video I used the TopYo Mojo in yellow.  As you will see this yoyo is built to be played around black light.  It is super cool with Buddha Strings.

Topyo Mojo from Ozhiriz

In addition to yoyo tricks I brought out some of my cubes to see how they looked under the black light and I was not disappointed.  The two cubes I brought out are the Moyu Weilong v2 and the Gans 356 Air.

Moyu Weilong v2 from Amazon

Gans 356 Air from Amazon

This was a really fun video to make.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please like, comment, share and subscribe.


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