Throw Score Yoyo Review – OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV


Throw Score Yoyo Review – OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV

The OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV is a special edition yoyo building on the original Kuntosh designed by Sonny Patrick, according to the product description found in YoyoBestBuy. This special edition however, parallels the  inspiration that Lamborghini designers had when they made a special edition of the Lamborghini Countach they named the Countach 5000QV.

Lamborghini Countach 5000QV
The limited edition Lamborghini included subtle innovative design changes that improved performance of the car in comparisson to the original design.  In a similar approach, OneDrop made subtle changes to the design of the Kuntosh 5000QV, including a change in the aluminum allow to 7075 from the original 6061.  The changes are intended to refine and improve the yoyos performance from the original design.

OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV at

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I do not have a basis of comparisson with the original, since I have not been able to get my hands on one.  But having to have played with the Kuntosh 5000QV for a week now, I am very impressed.

First of the quality of the build is impressive.  It is of excellent quality.  The surface of the yoyo is smooth and feels solid to the touch.  I appreciate the variety of the color ways but prefer this beautiful racing red.

Yoyo Specifications

Bearing Size C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″) 10 Ball
Width 45.6 mm
Gap Width 4.32 mm
Weight 64.9 grams
Diameter 55.9 mm
Response System One Drop Flow Groove
YoYo Material 7075 Aluminum

As I put the yoyo through the rigors of yoyo tricks and combinations I found it to be a very competent design.  The yoyo carried out technical tricks very well.  For speed tricks it worked out well but the flatter angles of the side profile may slow it down at times.  The yoyo is really good for finger and talon grinds but finger spins  at times may be hampered by the side effects on the yoyo.

Overall the OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV is a refined throw.  It is definitely a professional level yoyo.  The quality of the build, the yoyo design and feel exudes confidence in the player and helps land techincal tricks like a hot sports car taking corners.

Check out the Throw Score Yoyo Review Video and let me know what you think.

OneDrop Kuntosh 5000QV Throw Scores:

Smoothness 4.5 / 5
Weighty Feel 4 / 5
Grinding Ability:

Finger Grinds:

Talon Grinds:

Finger Spin:

14 / 15

5 / 5

5 / 5

4 / 5

Horizontal Play 3 / 5
Techy Style 5 / 5
Speedy Play 4.5 / 5
THROW SCORE 4.4 / 5 


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