Cold Fusion Yoyo Trick Tutorial


This is my first tutorial video, the Cold Fusion Yoyo Trick tutorial.  To make is easier to learn, the steps are broken down by moves.  In the video I used a yoyo by Magic Yoyo named N6.

MagicYoyo N6 On Amazon

To execute the trick follow the steps below:

Step#1:  Go into a “Double or Nothing” and put both your thumbs inside the inner string so the yoyo will thread through the strings easier.

Step#2: Thread the yoyo into the first outside string above it.

Step#3:  Thread the yoyo into the next outside string again, but this time pull you non-yoyo hand index finger out of the string, This will lead you to a 1 1/2 mount.

Step#4:  Throw the yoyo over to your non yoyo hand, bring it back, then do another rotation to your right.

Final Step:  Do two rotations to your left, land in a “Trapeze,” and end the trick with your favorite bind.

Watch the video for the complete trick and yoyo movements.


BAC Yoyo Competion 2015

Lorenzyo Cubing feeling out the stage by doing some tricks at the BAC 2015 yoyo competition.

This was the first ever yoyo competition I witnessed, the Bay Area Classic 2015 (BAC 2015).  Prior to coming to this event, I did not even know we were coming here.  All I knew was we were driving to San Francisco and my parents told me to bring my yoyo and my Gopro.  What a nice surprise!

Once at the event, I started to see all the cool people doing tricks.  We met JD from who so happen to my neighbor.  Well we live in a neighboring city.  So it is close enough for me 🙂

Lorenzo Cubing shooting a few yoyo tricks by his friend Josh during BAC 2015.

To top off the whole experience, I got to meet Brandon Vu in person.  That was such a great time and Brandon is a very cool and approachable person.

Lorenzyo Cubing finally meeting his Yoyo hero, Brandon Vu at the BAC 2015 yoyo competition.

You will see a lot of yoyos and combo tricks in this video from various players.  I personally used the Rec Rev Octave:

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So check out the video and see who else you can spot.


Magic Yoyo N6

Published on Feb 22, 2015.  This video contains yoyo tricks with Magic Yoyo N6.  This was shot in during a bowling tournament in Daly City California by the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Church of Christ.  
It was a fun day hanging around pretty cool   brothers and kendama players.  There is even a ukulele cover of Sam Smith’s song Not The Only One.  Enjoy!

Yo Yo Tricks with DV888 – The video that started it all.


1.1Million views and counting… This is the first video I uploaded.  Published on Jan 21, 2015.  The video contains Yoyo tricks performed around Brentwood, CA on January 19,2015 using a YoYo Factory DV888.

In the video I used my original DV888 in red. I ended up trading it with a friend for another yoyo later on. However I could not resist getting another in my collection. Here is the latest version of my Yoyo Factory DV888. YoyoFactory DV888 on Amazon