Yoyo Tricks – Magic Yoyo Stealth M04


Finally got the Magic Yoyo Stealth M04 from YoyoBestBuy and it is pretty cool.  I picked it up from the store and was so excited.  The yoyo comes in two color schemes, Greyscale Stealth Splash and an Ultra Violet Red Splash.

I ended up choosing the Greyscale Stealth Splash, which you will see in the video.
Magic Yoyo Stealth on Amazon

Even before leaving the store, I tried it out and was able to feel out the yoyo.  It felt good to hold and even better to play.  Check out the video I put together and if you want more information about the Magic Yoyo Stealth MO4 click on the link.

Magicyoyo Stealth M04 in Red Violet

Special shout out to JD at YoyoBestBuy who was gracious enough to let me check out the shop.


Yoyo Tricks Video – Fall Throwing


In this video, I am showing yoyo tricks using the Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works Orca or CLYW Orca.  I got this yoyo from YoyoBestBuy a while back.  Not sure they have it anymore, but check out the link for yourself.

The yoyo came in various cool colors with abstract patterns.  I got the gold one looks like the this below.

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It looks pretty cool when you spin it because the red spaltter blends in with the gold.  Here is how mine looks when I spun it around that day.

lorenzyocubing.com CLYW Orca in Gold with Red splatter while spinning

The weather in Brentwood was great the day I shot the video.  So I took the Orca in the back yard and took it for a spin, performing yoyo tricks and combos.

Check out the complete video and comment below.  Thanks!



I Can’t name Yoyo Tricks



After making my Yoyoer’s Point of View video, I realized that I didn’t have any videos showcasing any of my new tricks from the front view, so in this video, I am showcasing the tricks from my Yoyoer’s Point of View video, from the front point of view!!! The yoyo used was the YoyoFactory SHU-TA.

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The reason I named this video I Can’t Name Yoyo Tricks is because most yoyoers make a ton of combos but when ever somebody asks them what they are called, they say “They don’t have names.” I’m one of those people.


Yoyo Tricks – Yoyoer’s Point Of View


This video shows what doing yoyo tricks looks like from my point of view. I made this video because I wanted to give people outside the yoyo world the experience of yoyoing from a “Yoyoer’s Point Of View.” The yoyo used in this video was the YoyoFactory Aviator 2.

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I chose to use the YoyoFactory Aviator 2 for this video because I intentionally shot this video in the morning.  That said, the gold color of the Yoyo really reflects the mornig light very well.

The yoyo tricks performed in the video were new combos I worked on for a few weeks, specific to the video.  The combos were from tricks I learned over time and further refined.

Check out the rest of the video and leave a comment below.


BAC Yoyo Competition 2016


This is when I went to the Bay Area Classic Yoyo Competition 2016. Although I didn’t compete, I had a fun time meeting new people, yoyoing, and watching all the competitor’s performances.

Lorenzyo Cubing taking a picture on stage at the BAC 2016 Yoyo Champtionship in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

I got to meet up with friends whom I have met in past events.  Seeing them again and witnessing how they have grown in yoyo tricks and skills is really an awesome experience.  We spend the day not only watching the awesome display on stage, but also sharing and showing what we know and have practiceds since last we hung out.

In the video you will see lots of yoyos and combo tricks thrown by various players.  In parts where I am doing tricks, you will see me use the OneDrop Gauntlet.

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The atmosphere at this event is really cool and chill.  It is easy to walk up to kids my age and even older kids and strike a conversation, throw a few spins and hang out.


Lorenzyo Cubing with friends enjoying some food at the BAC 2016 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

I also had the chance to see the professionals displaying their art in executing yoyo performances.

Lorenzyo Cubing posing with one of his Yoyo heroes Gentry Stein at the BAC 2016 Yoyo Championships in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Watch the video and see if you recognize famous yoyoers doing their thing!


Yoyo Tricks Tutorial – Basics of Horizontal Yoyo Play


Horizontal yoyo tricks are pretty cool to watch and satisfying to execute.  When I started playing yoyos I could not do any horizontal tricks until I started paying attention to others who can do it well.  Once I analyzed the movements, arm positions, strowing direction os the yoyo, it finally clicked.

In the video I used the Yoyo Factory SHU-TA seen here:

In the video you will see various ways to throw the yoyo an perform horizontal tricks.  You will see how to do a horizontal break away, a horizontal front throw and some horizontal yoyo tricks.


California State Yoyo Competition 2016


It’s time for a road trip to the California State Yoyo Competition aka Cal State.  This is the first time I attended this event and it was very exciting.

JD of YoyoBestBuy on stage announcing events at the Cal State 2016

The event was held in Chico California, which was about a two and a half hour drive from Brentwood.  Although the car ride was a bit long, it was well worth the trip.

Lorenzyo Cubing enjoying the various yoyos on display at the museum.

When we arrived in Chico and found our way through town, it quickly dawned on me that this was a special town for Yoyos.  We found the National Yoyo Museum which displayed the history of yoyo competitions, even the world championships.

Lorenzyo Cubing posing in front of the World’s Largest Wood Yoyo at the National Yoyo Museum in Chico, Ca.

I also saw the biggest working wooden yoyo I have ever seen.

Lorenzyo Cubing with Josh and Josh among other friends hanging out and doing cool yoyo tricks.

But perhaps the highlight of the trip, besides witnessing the Cal State competition for me was connecting with so many yoyoers.  It is so cool to see this hobby being enjoyed my so many.

Lorenzyo Cubing joined by Josh, Josh and friend.
Lorenzyo Cubing with Cal State 2016 Champion Gentry Stein.

Yoyo Tricks – Cool Binds Part 2


It’s been almost a year since I made the Cool Binds video and since then, I learned some even cooler binds, So in this video, I am show casing the new binds that I have learned in a year!!! The yoyo I used in this video was the YoyoFactory SHU-TA.