Rubiks Cube – Average of 5 Solves Dayan Zhanchi 3×3


It has been quite a while since I have exercised my speed cubing skills.  But I cannot forget where I started.  So here goes my first video of Average of 5 Solves since October 31, 2015.  Wow, it has been a while 🙂

In the last Average of 5 Solves video, I used the Moyu Weilong v.2.  My average was 17.49 seconds.  In this video I will be using the Dayan Zhanchi 3×3 cube seen below.

Dayan Zhanchi 3×3 on Amazon

Speed Cubes on Amazon

Let us see if I do better or worse.  I wonder how rusty I would be in doing this after a year and  4 months.


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