California State Yoyo Competition 2017


After a week of stressing out, it finally happened, the California State Yoyo Competition 2017.

Why was I stressed, well as it was my very first competition ever! Even though going into it was nerve racking, it was so much fun. This year it was held at Jack London Square in Oakland. The venue was pretty cool, right by the warf near the Oakland/Alameda border. The weather was sunny with patchy clounds with just the right amount of cool breeze. It was perfect ūüôā

The competition was pretty well attended. There were a lot of players who I have seen from the previous couple of years as well as new ones whom I have met. Overall everyone was cool.

YoyoBestBuy and YoyoStringLab was there showing the latest yoyos, string and gear. The even was sponsored by all the cool brands, OneDrop, MagicYoyo, Recess, YoyoFreaks, Buddhabearing, YoyoExpert, Yoyofficer, Unprld, Studio42, Spindoctors, MonkeyFingerDesign, JDEvents, National Yoyo League and Yoyohype.

Going on stage for the first time pushed my nerves to the limit.  But when I watched the video of my performance, it felt a lot worse that it looked.  I did not quite make the finals, but getting the experience is inspiring me to do it again.  (Competition Results click here).

The players whom I have met and spent time with that day felt more like a family.  Even though we come from different places and all  walks of life, I feel connected.

This is definitely an event that I will continue to attend year after year.  Thank you all for hanging out and being cool.

Check out the compilation video below of the event and let me know what you think.


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