California State Yoyo Competition 2016


It’s time for a road trip to the California State Yoyo Competition aka Cal State.  This is the first time I attended this event and it was very exciting.

JD of YoyoBestBuy on stage announcing events at the Cal State 2016

The event was held in Chico California, which was about a two and a half hour drive from Brentwood.  Although the car ride was a bit long, it was well worth the trip.

Lorenzyo Cubing enjoying the various yoyos on display at the museum.

When we arrived in Chico and found our way through town, it quickly dawned on me that this was a special town for Yoyos.  We found the National Yoyo Museum which displayed the history of yoyo competitions, even the world championships.

Lorenzyo Cubing posing in front of the World’s Largest Wood Yoyo at the National Yoyo Museum in Chico, Ca.

I also saw the biggest working wooden yoyo I have ever seen.

Lorenzyo Cubing with Josh and Josh among other friends hanging out and doing cool yoyo tricks.

But perhaps the highlight of the trip, besides witnessing the Cal State competition for me was connecting with so many yoyoers.  It is so cool to see this hobby being enjoyed my so many.

Lorenzyo Cubing joined by Josh, Josh and friend.
Lorenzyo Cubing with Cal State 2016 Champion Gentry Stein.

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