Bay Area Classic Yoyo Championships 2017 – BAC 2017 Results and Livestream


The 20th Bay Area Classic happened Saturday, June 3, 2017 and was such an awesome event.  Although I did not compete, I supported the competition by having as a Silver Sponsor!  On top of that we officially live streamed the whole event from start to finish!

This event have historically produced many champions and yoyo experts serves as an inspiration to me and to many generations of yoyoers like me.  In fact, the very first exposure I experienced to the Yoyo world as it exist today was BAC 2015, where I met Brandon Vu, Gentry Stien and JD Steele.  I was awe struck not knowing that such an event and community exist.

LorenzYo Cubing and his family at the BAC 2017

Like me, many young people have been influenced by this event.  It is amazing to think that for 20 years, the BAC have captured the attention and imagination of generations of Yoyoers and is going strong to this day.


As I have mentioned in the previous posts, is a silver sponsor of the event.  In addition to that, our production crew, aka my family, went to the event and did a multi-camera live stream using the latest tech, SlingStudio.  The whole event was live streamed on my YouTube Channel.

Now you can relive and rewatch every moment of the event, from Prelims to finals to announcing the winners of each Division. and everything else in between.

So check out the video!  As always please like, subscribe and share…

Congratulations to all our winners!


@yukii723 won bac!!!! #bacyoyo #yoyo

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