BAC Yoyo Competition 2016


This is when I went to the Bay Area Classic Yoyo Competition 2016. Although I didn’t compete, I had a fun time meeting new people, yoyoing, and watching all the competitor’s performances.

Lorenzyo Cubing taking a picture on stage at the BAC 2016 Yoyo Champtionship in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

I got to meet up with friends whom I have met in past events.  Seeing them again and witnessing how they have grown in yoyo tricks and skills is really an awesome experience.  We spend the day not only watching the awesome display on stage, but also sharing and showing what we know and have practiceds since last we hung out.

In the video you will see lots of yoyos and combo tricks thrown by various players.  In parts where I am doing tricks, you will see me use the OneDrop Gauntlet.

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The atmosphere at this event is really cool and chill.  It is easy to walk up to kids my age and even older kids and strike a conversation, throw a few spins and hang out.


Lorenzyo Cubing with friends enjoying some food at the BAC 2016 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

I also had the chance to see the professionals displaying their art in executing yoyo performances.

Lorenzyo Cubing posing with one of his Yoyo heroes Gentry Stein at the BAC 2016 Yoyo Championships in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Watch the video and see if you recognize famous yoyoers doing their thing!


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