BAC Yoyo Competion 2015

Lorenzyo Cubing feeling out the stage by doing some tricks at the BAC 2015 yoyo competition.

This was the first ever yoyo competition I witnessed, the Bay Area Classic 2015 (BAC 2015).  Prior to coming to this event, I did not even know we were coming here.  All I knew was we were driving to San Francisco and my parents told me to bring my yoyo and my Gopro.  What a nice surprise!

Once at the event, I started to see all the cool people doing tricks.  We met JD from who so happen to my neighbor.  Well we live in a neighboring city.  So it is close enough for me 🙂

Lorenzo Cubing shooting a few yoyo tricks by his friend Josh during BAC 2015.

To top off the whole experience, I got to meet Brandon Vu in person.  That was such a great time and Brandon is a very cool and approachable person.

Lorenzyo Cubing finally meeting his Yoyo hero, Brandon Vu at the BAC 2015 yoyo competition.

You will see a lot of yoyos and combo tricks in this video from various players.  I personally used the Rec Rev Octave:

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So check out the video and see who else you can spot.


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