TopYo Button Unboxing and Review

In this video I unboxed and reviewed the TopYo Button yoyo.

Besides the review itself, this video features Hanz Kel Zsanthalian better known as HanzYoyo. Since many viewers enjoyed the skit from the MagicYoyo Aurora Unboxing and Review I decided to compose another small skit into this video, not as long a storyline as the previous one though haha. The short skit shows me kidnapping Hanz for a video which then leads to a short trick dump, comic like, themed yoyo exhibition featuring tricks from Hanz and I featuring the song Homocide by Logic and Eminem.

Okay, now on to the actual review itself.

The TopYo Button is a Hybrid yoyo with rounded, hollow, plastic rims and an aluminum center on which the bearing resides. This soft, rounded feel makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand. The yoyo has a generally large diameter with a width that is neither too wide or too narrow. These traits allow the yoyo to be exceptionally good at regular finger grinds except for thumb, talon, and horizontal finger spin grinds due to the face of the yoyo being absolutely flat with zero concave.

In terms of playability, the yoyo is definitely on the floatier side, not too much but still more floaty than stable. However, the yoyo has very nice rim weight that gives it a lot of spin power. While in play you can definitely feel the weight focused on the rims with a little bounciness which gives it that bouncy feel. Due to these traits the yoyo holds up long, intricate, tricks and combos very well whether it be tech, speed, meta you name it. The only style of trick that the yoyo doesn’t perform too well in is very rough and fast horizontal combos. So if you are an extreme speed player that does zoomy fast horizontal tricks, this yoyo is probably not for you, however the yoyo handles regular speed combos just fine.

Overall the TopYo Button is a floaty, powerful, fun hybrid yoyo that has become one of my definite favorite TopYo throws and I highly recommend it as a must have to your yoyo collection.

Enjoy the video!!!


Yoyo Review – MagicYoyo Y02 Aurora

In this video, I unboxed and reviewed the MagicYoyo Y02 Aurora

Buy the Y02 Aurora in the MagicYoyo Website Store

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Before I tell you my thoughts on this yoyo let me explain the intro. The intro to this video is something new I’m trying and always wanted to do on my channel which is a skit video.

The story includes how I received the package, how I invited RAN DOM aka Daniel and how he got to my house (in this video played by Geoffrey Quilates because Daniel was in Nevada at the time), and what happened during the filming of the TopYo Selene video that YOU DIDN’T SEE.

Anyways, please leave a comment on what you thought about this skit type video and if you would like to see more.

OKAY now into the review.

First off a little background. The name of this yoyo, “Aurora”, is based on the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights in Earth’s high-latitude regions around the arctic or Antarctica.

The yoyo was given this name because if the bright LED lights that activate on the side of the yoyo while it is spinning. There are two versions of this yoyo that one can purchase. One can either purchase an Aurora that displays only ONE COLOR light for $25.99, or an Aurora that has COLOR CHANGING lights for $28.99.

The yoyo itself is a V-shape with round rims. It’s width is closer to the narrow side but not too narrow so it is comfortable to hold in your hand. The catch zone/main shape area is a hollow shell made out of aluminum. I say hollow because on both sides of the yoyo, there are flat caps which cover the light display system. Each side of the yoyo has two lights which are powered by two small circular batteries (I apologize I forgot the name of these types of batteries). You can take off the caps to change the batteries with a small thin tool that comes with the yoyo that you stick inside the hole of the axel which then pops off the caps. The yoyo also comes with four extra batteries which you can switch out once the batteries that it came with run out of power.

Due to the technology on both sides of the yoyo, it does have a bit of vibe, but not too much that it becomes a problem while in play. Also although this yoyo is light, the batteries and lights give the yoyo some center weight so it’s a bit difficult to swing the yoyo around quickly, such as horizontal, speed, and hop tricks.

The lights themselves are very beautiful and high quality, I definitely recommend the color changing lights version so you can appreciate all the different moods the lights produce.

I HIGHLY recommend using glow in the dark string or a black light while using this yoyo so that your string matches the brightness of the lights. Without a bright string it is more difficult to see the string since your attention is focused on the lights.

Overall this yoyo is a very fun MagicYoyo to play with and I highly recommend you add it to your collection.

Enjoy the video!!!

Yoyo Review – TopYo Selene


In this video I reviewed the TopYo Selene (2018) yoyo.

TopYo Selene on YoyoExpert

TopYo yoyos at YoyoBestbuy

I originally was going to make an unboxing video on this yoyo with first impressions, however that footage was lost so I decided to just make a review video about it.

There are currently two versions of this yoyo, the 2018 version and the 2019 version with some improvements. This video is only on the 2018 version.

Let’s start off with a little background. The original idea on the TopYo Selene yoyo was to combine the designs of the TopYo Top yoyo and the TopYo Pluto yoyo. Another goal for this yoyo was to design it very western style. This was done by giving the option to buy either a solid matte anodized version or a solid glossy/raw like anodized version since most western yoyos are either one or the other. (For reference, a lot of Chinese yoyo companies design and anodize their yoyos to have a matte finish in the catch zone/overall shape with a glossy face/finger spin area.) TopYo also designed the specs of the yoyo to be similar to a yoyo most western players would use, a long width and gap width with a smaller diameter.

The yoyo out of the box is very smooth, however I would say that the matte version is a tad smoother than the glossy version (over time the glossy version got a bit of vibe). As mentioned, the yoyo has a wide catch zone so it is easy to catch on the string and has a nice comfortable shape for finger grinds. The face of the yoyo has a concave with a flat surface in the center which is excellent for horizontal finger spins, and a nice ledge towards the outside which is good for talon and thumb grinds.

While in play, the yoyo is a tiny bit closer to the lighter side but only a tad bit. It is still mostly in the middle, not too heavy and not too light. The playability is just like the weight, in the middle. The yoyo is definitely not floaty but also definitely not too solid/stable like. It has just the right amount of weight to handle most styles whether it be speed, tech, meta, you name it. It isn’t exactly 100% in all those styles but it still gets the job done.

In my opinion, I think that the yoyo could be improved if the rims were a bit thicker and extended farther into the catch zone for more rim weight and stability.

Overall the TopYo Selene is a great all around throw, definitely one of my favorite TopYo yoyos and I would highly recommend it for your collection. Definitely worth the $35.

Enjoy the video!!!



Unboxing – HouLight UV LED Black Flood Light V2

This video is an unboxing video of the new and improved HouLight High Power 20W Ultra Violet UV LED Flood Light.

You may recall that I have unboxed the original version of this HouLight UV light before.  You can find that unboxing video by clicking here.

In the original video one of my criticisms about this light is there is no on and off switch.  Essentially to turn it on and off you literally need to plug it in the outlet or unplug it.  That effort becomes a bit inconvenient specially if you are using often.

This version 2 however is the new and improved version.  HouLight took notice of complaint and improved the product by adding an on and off switch on the light.  They reached out to me via messenger and asked if I can review the new and improved version and I agreed.  If you are in the market for a black light, look no further than the HouLight High Power 20W Ultra Violet UV LED Flood Light.  For yoyoing, it will make your strings look super cool and visible.

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Yoyo Unboxing – Offset Outlier

In this video I unboxed Brandon Vu’s signature yoyo the Offset Outlier

Offset Outlier at OffsetYoyos

This yoyo has a generally large diameter and is not too wide and not too narrow. It has some nice stainless steal rims that have the Outlier later engraving and later I noticed that it had my Youtube initials on it “LYC”. I believe that Brandon puts the initials of the player that ordered it next to the Outlier engraving.

This yoyo is dead smooth on the first throw. In terms of playability this yoyo is actually phenomenal in all the styles I threw at it. It is light but the rims make it stable enough so that it can play all styles. The lightness and stability of the rims makes it excellent at speed and since it is wide it is very good for tech as well. The open catch zone makes whip and laceration tricks very easy and it also is awesome at horizontal tricks. All grinds are very good on this yoyo however the rough laser engravings in the faces makes it feel weird while doing finger spins but isn’t that much of a problem.

Overall this is an awesome throw and I highly recommend this yoyo to anyone that has $110 bucks in their pocket. Huge thanks to Brandon for sending me this throw and I hope you enjoy the one I sent you as well haha.

Enjoy the video!!!

Yoyo Unboxing – MagicYoyo Stealth M04

In this video I unboxed the MagicYoyo Stealth M04!!!

MagicYoyo on YoyoBestBuy

A while back, I did a promo video the MagicYoyo Stealth M04 yo-yo but it stripped before I could do a review on it, so MagicYoyo took the time to send me a brand new one that also had a brand new 2018 color way on it!!!

MagicYoyo on YoyoSam

Out of the box this yoyo is dead smooth, although the finish on the yoyo has a very strong matted feel that has a similar effect as a glossy finish.  It may stick to your sweaty fingers a little when it gets hot but very minimal.

This yoyo has excellent rim weight but is still light enough to do tricks that require a lot of movement. Since it has both the stableness of the rims and the light weight, this yoyo can handle any trick you throw at it!!!

MagicYoyo on YoYoYo

It is light enough and has good rim weight for speed, but the rims can also have a good stable feel for tech. Plus the round shape is good for tricks like rejections. The catch zone is just perfect not too wide not too narrow for whip tricks like lacerations and meta, and also for horizontal. The bowl in the face of the yoyo is also pretty good for finger spins, the yoyo is also very good at normal grinds as well.

Overall this is a great bi-metal yoyo from MagicYoyo and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the money for it!!!

Thank you so much to MagicYoyo for sending this to me this throw is awesome!!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Throw Score Yoyo Review – Yoyozhiriz x Yoyofficer Aether

In this episode of throw score yoyo review, I reviewed the Yoyozhiriz x Yoyofficer Aether  , the latest full metal Yoyozhririz.  This was the same yoyo in the unboxing video and was provided by

Aether at

In the unboxing video, you can see the yoyo up close and in motion as I take it through various trick combos.  It is in that video that I demonstrated using the yoyo in regular play.  For my first impressions be sure to watch the unboxing video.


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Aether at

Throw Scores: 



Aether at

Yoyo Unboxing – TopYo Raiser

In this video I unboxed the TopYo Raiser along with a sponsorship package!!!

First off, congrats to Eugene Joh for getting sponsored by TopYo!!! Welcome to the family brudda and I’m super happy for you, and for me too cause I’m not the only one in the U.S. anymore haha.

The yoyos I got in the package were new color ways of the rimmed silenus, impulse, and photon, along with the new TopYo Raiser.

The TopYo Raiser bi-metal is a very smooth yoyo. I noticed that it plays very fast and very light. The inner rims give it good rim weight so that the yoyo isn’t too floaty. the open shape allows the yoyo to handle techy tricks very well, it also allows it to play horizontal pretty nice as well.

Overall this is an all around bi-metal throw and I highly recommend it!!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Yoyo Unboxing – YoyoFreaks SuperFreak

Latest Releases at YoyoBestBuy

In this video I unboxed the latest release from YoyoFreaks the SuperFreak Bi-metal Yoyo.   The Yoyo will be released on Saturday, June 23, 2018.  This is carried exclusively by YoyoBestBuy.

The unboxing was done in anticipation of the release of this yoyo.  The video starts off with a friendly warning from yours truly.  Let us keep this postive.  The reason, well there was some yoyo drama flying around, that frankly, I do not care to entertain.  We already have too many stresses in life and to have drama with the thing that most of us use to “destress” is not cool.

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The YoyoFreaks SuperFreak is a smooth and powerful Yoyo.  I measured the specs of the yoyo myself and came up with a weight of 66 g, Width of 45 mm and a diameter of 57 mm.  The shape is an “H” shape yoyos which is a fairly popular and highly functional design shape.   It has an embedded stainless steel ring in cup of the yoyo that makes a long powerful spins.

Latest Releases at YoyoBestBuy

After playing with this yoyo for a while, I highly recommend it. The yoyo does it all.  Oh did I mention it has a finger spin cup?  Yes it is a little flat around the cup but once you get it in there, it is awesome.

The quality of the yoyo is superb.  For a high quality bi-metal yoyo priced at $77, this is a “Steel!”

Even better, get this throw for $69 (an additional 10% off).  Use coupon code “LorenzYo” at the check out 🙂

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Latest Releases at YoyoBestBuy

10% Off at YoyoBestBuy use Coupon Code “LorenzYo”


Yoyo Unboxing – Yoyozhiriz + Yoyofficer Aether and Yoyozhiriz Symphony feat. Angelo Aquirre

In this video I unboxed the Yoyozhriz + Yoyofficer Aether and the Yoyozhriz Symphony.  Both yoyos were provided by for the unboxing review.  To start off, I did this unboxing with Angelo Aquirre on FaceTime.  So you know this is gonna be fun.

Yoyo Sale at

Yoyo Sale at

The unboxing was done simultaneously, first starting with the Yoyozhiriz Symphony follow by the Yoyozhiriz and Yoyofficer collaboration thow, the Aether.    Both yoyos where very well made and were smooth.

Yoyo Sale at

The Yoyozhriz Symphony is smooth yet stable on the string.  Even though the shape is similar to speedy yoyos, this throw is actually built more for tech.  It plays very well and feels quite powerful.

The  Yoyozhriz + Yoyofficer Aether,  is also really smooth.  It is lighter and definitely fast.  The shape is a V shape and the build of the yoyo is of good quality.

Yoyo Sale at

In this review I am using the new Canon M50 with a Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 STM Lens.  This is the new mirrorless camera from Canon that was released a few weeks ago.  It is the same camera we used to film the California Yoyo Championships 2018 last weekend at Jack London Square.  This is an awesome camera to use, very versatile and fast focusing.  Click on the links above or on the left for more details.

The two yoyos are fairly distinct, but I recommend both of these again, the Syphony for tech and the Aether for speed.  Again, big thanks to for sending me these yoyos!  Also check out The Yoyo Warrior Video on Youtube.  I used a short clip from them, but the original video is very awesome.

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