YoyoFactory Shutter YoyoExpert Exclusive

Published on Aug 22, 2015.  This video shows tricks usig the Yoyo Factory Shutter Yoyo Expert Exclusive version. What differs this Shutter Exclusive from a regular Shutter is the engraving in the middle of the yoyo. On the Exclusives they are blank. Here are three examples from my collection in Blue, Green and Gold. BTW the blue one is not a bi-metal. I got creative one day and took a dremmel through the edges.
YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon
YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon
YoyoFactory Shutter on Amazon

Magic Yoyo N6

Published on Feb 22, 2015.  This video contains yoyo tricks with Magic Yoyo N6.  This was shot in during a bowling tournament in Daly City California by the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Church of Christ.  
It was a fun day hanging around pretty cool   brothers and kendama players.  There is even a ukulele cover of Sam Smith’s song Not The Only One.  Enjoy!

Yo Yo Tricks with DV888 – The video that started it all.

1.1Million views and counting… This is the first video I uploaded.  Published on Jan 21, 2015.  The video contains Yoyo tricks performed around Brentwood, CA on January 19,2015 using a YoYo Factory DV888.

In the video I used my original DV888 in red. I ended up trading it with a friend for another yoyo later on. However I could not resist getting another in my collection. Here is the latest version of my Yoyo Factory DV888. YoyoFactory DV888 on Amazon