Yoyo Tricks – Mojo ft. Team TOPYO

The video is a yoyo tricks video performed using the TOPYO Mojo.  The yoyo tricks were performed by the various members of Team Topyo.

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This video was a lot of fun.  I requested video tricks from my teamates of their best trick using the Mojo.  The only guidance is to shoot the footage with at the best resolution they can.  After compiling all the footage, I was really overwhelmed by the diversity of skills my team members have.  I am truly humbled and honored to belong to a great group of Throwers.

Enjoy this fun and exciting final cut of the Yoyo Tricks video – Mojo ft. Team TOPYO.  Please Like, Comment, Subscribe and share!

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YoyoFreaks #Sharp – Ultimate Delrin Yoyo Drops Tomorrow!

YoyoFreaks has done it again!  The company that produced the 100 Series YourMom, #Hashtag, #Pound is releasing the YoyoFreaks #Sharp – The Ultimate Delrin Yoyo.

This time, there are going to be a 200 series of various edgy designs we have come to love from YoyoFreaks.  Out of the 200, there will be 28 yoyos of each design that will be available to purchase only at YoyoBestBuy and YoyoNation.

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Here are a few of the pictures we scooped up from the YoyoFreaks post on Instagram:

YoyoFreaks #Sharp Ultimate Delrim Yoyo

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YoyoFreaks #Sharp THI$IHT

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YoyoFreaks #Sharp SUE ME

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YoyoFreaks #Sharp PINK TACO

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YoyoFreaks #Sharp Specifications:

Diameter 55.25 mm
Width 44.5 mm
Weight 67 grams

Check out the quick intro video below.  Please like, share, subscribe and most of all do not miss the drop.   When these babies are gone, they are gone!

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Yoyo Tricks – TOPYO Silenus

In this promo, I showcased some of my tricks using the TOPYO Silenus

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TOPYO yoyos at yoyonation.com

The TOPYO Silenus has easily become my favorite throw. It looks and plays just like a CLYW yoyo and its only $32 dollars. It has just the right amount of balance between techy style and speedy style. I highly recommend this extremely affordable yoyo 100%

The routine and choreography in this video was inspired by Yuki Nishisako’s finals performance at BAC 2017. This is what my final would’ve looked like had I made finals at National Futures 2017.

Enjoy the video!!!

Ozhiriz.com Joins the LorenzYoCubing.com Family

I am are so excited to announce that Ozhiriz.com has joined LorenzYoCubing.com family.  Ozhiris.com is an online Yoyo store based in Indonesia.  They join TopYo, YoyoBestbuy, and YoyoNation in supporting LorenzYoCubing.com in bringing you the best in Yoyos, Yoyo parts, Spinners, Begleri and accessories.

Ozhiriz.com has been a trusted source of Yoyos since 2010.  They carry awesome Yoyos from great brands like TopYo, C3YoyoDesign, Yoyofficer, YoyoRecreation, CLYW, Vosun and many more.   They even have their own brand of yoyos named Yoyozhiriz, which I will have the chance to unbox and review in the future.

Ozhiriz.com ships world wide.  Shipping costs to Asia are around $10 and to the U.S. around $15.  According to their website, shipping is free with $100 orders or more.

Join me in welcoming my latest affiliate by checking out their website.  The Ozhiriz banner is now available on the left side navigation for your convenience.   On mobile devices, you will find the banner in the Shop.



Yoyo Tricks – TOP-YO UNPRLD Elimination

If you watched my Instagram livestream of me unboxing my new sponsorship package from TOP-YO, you would have seen that the new collaboration bi-metal yoyo from TOP-YO and UNPRLD the elimination was by far my favorite TOP-YO throw that I’ve ever gotten.

TOP-YO yoyos at yoyobestbuy.com

TOP-YO + UNPRLD ELimination at YoyoNation

The TOP-YO UNPRLD Elimination yoyo is a premium bi-metal yoyo designed for speedy play, and when I say speedy, I mean hard core SPEEDY. Other yoyos that have the same style of this type of play would be the UNPRLD Flash and the YoyoRecreation Draupnir and Sigtr. If any of those throws are your favorite already, I guarantee you would love this one. I loved it so much, I decided to make a promo video on it.


Yoyo Tricks – YoyoFreaks #Pound

During the summer in the second week of June, JD asked if I wanted to take a prototype with me on vacation in Arizona and shoot some clips at the Grand Canyon. Of course I said “heck yeah!!!”. And the yoyo he gave me was a raw YoyoFreaks #Pound.

YoyoFreaks #Pound at yoyobestbuy.com


While we were at the Grand Canyon tour, every time we stopped somewhere my dad whipped out his camera and started recording me. During the video you may notice the beautiful scenery behind me being either the Grand Canyon, a trail, or the mountains close to the Grand Canyon.

Fun fact about this video, this was shot the day before I broke the ceiling fan light at the rental home we got in Arizona. You can see that video on my Instagram.

So the YoyoFreaks #Pound is the normal sized version of the YoyoFreaks Hashtag. I will make a review on this yoyo soon but for now I gotta say this is one of my most favorite throws.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I loved filming it.

Yoyo Promo Video Gallery

Watch all the Yoyo Promo Videos in one place.  Enjoy!

Hype Squad T-Shirt Ready to Roll!

This is the brain child of Tomoaki Clark during the BAC 2017. He gathered a bunch of yoyoers including LorenzYo Cubing with the intention for the Hype Squad to be created. This group’s purpose is to cheer on the Yoyo performers on stage during competitions. But anyone who is insterested in this positive movement to encourage performers can join.

WHOA A VIDEO IS ACTUALLY POSTED???!!! #trickcircle #kittystring @kittystringyoyo #laundromat

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Here is the T-shirt Design for the Hype Squad. Click on the link below.


New LorenzYoCubing Sport T-Shirt Design $19.95 includes Shipping

The newly designed LorenzYo Cubing sport T-shirt design is now available.  The design has the LorenzYoCubing logo on the left chest area of the shirt.  The back of the shirt is blank.

The T-shirts are available in 3 colors:

  1. Black with White logo
  2. White with Black logo
  3. Grey with Black logo.


Sizes are US Adult standard sizes from Small to 2XL.  Lorenzo at the moment wears a Medium.

The T-Shirt are 100% Cotton with heat pressed graphics.  Each shirt is priced at $13.00 plus $6.95 shipping and taxes where applicable.

Please allow for about a week and a half for delivery.  You can order below or visit the Shop.

Shop LorenzYoCubing Sport T-Shirt below.

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