Yoyo Tricks – Cool Binds Part 2

It’s been almost a year since I made the Cool Binds video and since then, I learned some even cooler binds, So in this video, I am show casing the new binds that I have learned in a year!!! The yoyo I used in this video was the YoyoFactory SHU-TA.

One Year – YoyoFactory Dream

One year after the launch of my YouTube Channel LorenzYo Cubing, I decided to do a “One Year Video.” I purposed the video to thank you, my subscribers for supporting my channel. It was also a good opportunity for me to capture how I have grown as a yoyo player after one year.

The yoyo I used in the video is the YoyoFactory Dream. Below is the actual yoyo I used.

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Taking the theme from the name of the yoyo, I setup the scenes as if I was dreaming. You will see some of my friends in the video, goofing around and having fun.

The tricks were new at the time and were full of quick throws.  Please enjoy the video and share, like and subscribe.

The secret to the magic drop yoyo trick

This video is the secret to the magic drop yoyo trick.

This video is not a tutorial.  This video is for the person that has already seen a tutorial and does not get it.  Now most videos say you could land the yoyo on the front or on the back.  But most tricks require you to land the yoyo on the back string.  Most people may find landing the yoyo on the front string is easier.  They may also find landing on both strings is easier.  But when they land it on the back, nothing happens!

But when people do it correctly, they do not really care.  For those of you that do care, here is a close up of what is really happening when you do it correctly.  Watch for the secret the video will reveal.

Cool Binds

So one day I was scrolling through my comments and I saw that one of them was asking me to show case some of my favorite binds. So in this video, I did just that!!!

If you’re wondering why there are so many kids behind the camera, it’s because I shot this video on the same day as my birthday party. A few of them were willing to help me film. The cameraman was Ben Phillips,  the light man was Nathan Kim, and the yoyoers were me and my friend Michael Schmidt(just like the security guard from FNAF). Michael was the one of the people who got me into yoyoing. Thank you Michael for introducing me to this amazing sport!!! The Yoyo I used was the YoyoFacory SHU-TA.

Yoyo Presentation For School

In my Language Arts class during the 7th grade, we received an assignment to do a presentaion about something we are passionate about.  We are to research the origin, history and find someone who is our role model sharing the same passion.  I chose to do my assignment on Yoyos.

I showed a picture of myself to the class and talked about how I got started.  Cudos to my friend Gabe and Michael who inspired me to pick up the hobby.  They were the ones that showed me tricks and impressed me with thier yoyo skills.

In the presentation I also explained the origin of the yoyo.  Did you know the earliest version of the yoyo went as far back as 1000BC?   Find out more about my presentation by watching the video below.