Yoyo Release – TopYo Creater New Colorways

One of the best metal yoyos for beginners is back and with more fun colors to collect.  The Topyo Creater has been released with new color ways.  First revealed during my Throw Talk Thursday,  these new colorways very cool.

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

Here are the specs:

  • Diameter: 55mm
    • Width: 38 – 40 mm
    • Weight: 66.5g
    • Gap: variable

    TopYo Yoyos at YoyoNation

    In addition to the featured color ways above, the TopYo Creater come in 9 different color ways.  So if you are looking for your first metal yoyo, with long spin sleep times that will not break your wallet, check out the TopYo Creater.

    Also something to note, as you improve your skills and go from basic tricks to more intermediate or even advance, you can change out the bearing and boom, you have a good none-responsive yoyo.

    TopYo Yoyos at Ozhirz

    These yoyos should now be available or soon to be available at your favorite yoyo retails stores.

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Yoyo Release – TopYo Silenus New Colorways

One of my all time favorite yoyo is back and looking better than ever.  The Topyo Silenus has been released with new color ways.  First revealed during my Throw Talk Thursday,  these new colorways are wicked.

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

TopYo Silenus Ashtray Colorway

Here are the specs:

  • Diameter: 55mm
    • Width: 46.5mm
    • Weight: 67.6G
    • Gap:4.5mm

    TopYo Yoyos at YoyoNation

    TopYo Silenus Phantom Colorway

    In addition to the featured color ways above, the TopYo Silenus also come in 9 other color ways to choose from.

    TopYo Yoyos at Ozhirz

    These yoyos should now be available or soon to be available at your favorite yoyo retails stores.

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Yoyo Release – Topyo Impulse S

Remember the review I did on one of Topyo’s solid performing yoyos, the Topyo Impulse.  Well if you have become a believer in this quality value brand of throws, wait until you see how this yoyo just got a tad hotter.  You have seen this in my Throw Talk Thursday.  Now see the Topyo Impulse S up close.

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

This throw has the same shape and design we love but now as a bi-metal version.  Here are the spec:

  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Width:43mm
  • Weight:66.4G
  • Gap:4.5mm
  • Material:  Aluminum 7003 + Stainless Steel Rims

TopYo Yoyos at YoyoNation

TopYo Impulse S, Blue with Black Rim Colorway

TopYo Yoyos at Ozhirz

TopYo Impulse S – Bloodstain with Silver Rim Colorway

The TopYo Impulse S as provided by TopYo came in two color ways pictured above.  It is also available in two other colorways pictured below.





These yoyos should now be available or soon to be available at your favorite yoyo retails stores.

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LorenzYoCubing – Yo! Gear

You asked for them, so here they are, the LorenzYoCubing Yo! Gear.  These are all ordered and shipped through ViralStyle.  Each one comes in various sizes and colors.  There is a 9 day campaign starting today.  Which means you can order from now until the 18th.

It takes a few weeks after the campaign ends to get your stuff so do not miss this first camapaign.  To order, click on the links or the pictures.

Yo! shirt

Yo! Long Sleeve

Yo! Hoodie

Yo! Cap

Unboxing – Black Light with Topyo Mojo & Speed Cubes

You have seen these videos before, yoyo tricks being performed in the dark with the string and yoyo giving off a nice luminous glow.  These are pretty cool to look at and gives a “wow” effect to those who are watching.

So how is it done?  The answer to that question points to UV light or Black light.  These cool lights come in various forms such as LED light strips, black light bulbs and even light bars.  Some of which are pictured below.

But what I have opted for is an LED Flood light from Amazon.

20W UV LED Flood Light from Amazon

I went with this set up after thinking through what I am going to use it for, which is to make the glowing effects for some of my yoyo trick and cubing videos.  I wanted to have control over where I point the light, so it needs to be a small package that I can mask and flag.  Also I wanted to have it powerful enough (20W) and budget friendly at the same time.  This light from Amazon is about $34.  If that is too much, there is also a 10W version that is under $20.

TopYo Mojo from YoyoBestBuy

Topyo Yoyos from YoyoNation

In the video I used the TopYo Mojo in yellow.  As you will see this yoyo is built to be played around black light.  It is super cool with Buddha Strings.

Topyo Mojo from Ozhiriz

In addition to yoyo tricks I brought out some of my cubes to see how they looked under the black light and I was not disappointed.  The two cubes I brought out are the Moyu Weilong v2 and the Gans 356 Air.

Moyu Weilong v2 from Amazon

Gans 356 Air from Amazon

This was a really fun video to make.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please like, comment, share and subscribe.

YoyoFreaks #Sharp – Ultimate Delrin Yoyo Drops Tomorrow!

YoyoFreaks has done it again!  The company that produced the 100 Series YourMom, #Hashtag, #Pound is releasing the YoyoFreaks #Sharp – The Ultimate Delrin Yoyo.

This time, there are going to be a 200 series of various edgy designs we have come to love from YoyoFreaks.  Out of the 200, there will be 28 yoyos of each design that will be available to purchase only at YoyoBestBuy and YoyoNation.

Get YoyoFreaks from YoyoBestBuy

Here are a few of the pictures we scooped up from the YoyoFreaks post on Instagram:

YoyoFreaks #Sharp Ultimate Delrim Yoyo

Get YoyoFreaks from YoyoNation

YoyoFreaks #Sharp THI$IHT

Get YoyoFreaks from YoyoBestBuy

YoyoFreaks #Sharp SUE ME

Get YoyoFreaks from YoyoNation

YoyoFreaks #Sharp PINK TACO

Get YoyoFreaks from YoyoBestBuy

YoyoFreaks #Sharp Specifications:

Diameter 55.25 mm
Width 44.5 mm
Weight 67 grams

Check out the quick intro video below.  Please like, share, subscribe and most of all do not miss the drop.   When these babies are gone, they are gone!

Yoyos at YoyoBestBuy

Yoyos at YoyoNation

Throw Talk Thursday EP#24 – LorenzYo Cubing 5K Giveaway Sponsored by TOPYO Mojo


Thank you for all your support of my YouTube Channel and my social media presence. I will not have made it this far without your continued support.

Click Here to Enter the Giveaway:  LorenzYo Cubing 5K Giveaway

Click Here to Enter the Giveaway:  LorenzYo Cubing 5K Giveaway

To finish this year strong, I made a personal goal to reach 5,000 subcribers on my YouTube channel by the end of 2017. To get there I am going to need your help and your participation in the following Giveaway, I call it the LorenYo Cubing 5K Yoyo Giveaway sponsored by TopYo

Click Here to Enter the Giveaway:  LorenzYo Cubing 5K Giveaway

In this video, in addition to announcing the giveaway, LorenzYo Cubing answered questions from viewers as well as showing a few Yoyo’s in his collection.  He also showed the new Topyo Beta which will be out soon.   Check out the video and Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share!

Official Rules of the Giveaway:

i. Giveaway Name: 5K Thank You Giveaway 2017 Sponsored by Topyo

ii. No Purchase Necessary

iii. Giveaway Description – This is a Yoyo Giveaway by LorenzYo Cubing of the YouTube channel http://youtube.com/c/lorenzyocubing . The Giveaway start date is November 16, 2017 at 4:30 pm pacific and ends on December 14, 2017 at 4:30p.m. pacific. There will be 1 winner drawn from the most entries each week for the next 4 weeks.  The first drawing will be on November 23, 2017 during my Throw Talk Thursday Live Stream.  The last drawing with be on December 14, 2017.  The yoyos were provided by TopYo.  One winner per yoyo only.

iv. Eligibility – The Giveaway is open to all countries except for U.S. Sanctioned countries. It is open to all ages. For minors, please ensure you get your parents permisssion before entering the Giveaway.

All entries must be compliant to the YouTube Community Guidelines and the YouTube Terms of Terms of Service. All Entries which don’t comply will be disqualified. Please note YouTube is not a sponsor of this giveaway. By entering this giveaway you agreeing to release YouTube from any and all liability related to your contest.

vi. How to Enter – Follow the easy instructions on the entry application. Each completed task in the entry app will have an equivalent number of entries. The more entries you have the more chances have to be drawn as a winner.

vii. Winner Selection – Winners are selected randomly using a draw app. Winners are from all the eligible entries received by the draw date deadline. The more entries you have the more chances you will be selected. One winner per prize.

viii. Winner Notification – Winners will be notified electronically via email you have elected to use in the entry. You are responsible to ensure the email address is valid.  You will have 1 week from the time of drawing to respond and claim your prize. Prizes are going to be shipped directly to your address unless otherwise noted and agreed upon by the winner and LorenzYo Cubing.

ix. Privacy – All data collected by LorenzYo Cubing during this giveaway will only be used for the purpose of promoting the Giveaway, the LorenzYoCubing channel and for sending communications regarding prizes to the winners.

x. Limitation of Liability – LoreznYo Cubing and lorenzyocubing.com will only be liable for completing the giveaway by promoting, selecting winners and shipping the prizes. All data from the entries, including user names and contact information must be accurate.

xii. Winner List will be published on the YouTube Video and/or as a post of lorenzyocubing.com as well as all social media accounts of LorenzYoCubing.

xiv. Administrator – The giveaway will be administered by LorenzYo Cubing and lorenzyocubing.com. All questions about the Giveaway can be directed to the email YoCuber2@gmail.com

Yoyo Unboxing – TOPYO Sponsorship Package #4

The video is a yoyo unboxing video of 4th sponsorship package from TOPYO.  This package is filled with exciting Yoyo’s.  There were a total of four different throws in the package, each with either a new color way or one that I have not received before.

Two new exciting color ways are coming to a Yoyo store near you.  The new TOPYO Quantum in Red and Gray are awesomely beautiful.  The Red seen below has gold rings, while the gray has blue rings.

TOPYO Yoyo’s at YoyoBestbuy

TOPYO Yoyo’s at YoyoNation 

TOPYO Yoyos at Ozhiriz.com

The yoyo package also included one that I have never played with before, the TOPYO INNOVATOR.

This yoyo has a pretty cool shape that is so comfortable to hold.  It also comes in a new color way which you will see in the video.

The package also comes with a few TOPYO Mojo’s.  These are the latest plastic Yoyo’s from TOPYO that is surging in popularity.  It has a similar shape to the TOPYO Silenus and can fingerspin to your heart’s desire.

TOPYO Yoyo’s at YoyoBestbuy

There are several Mojo’s in the package of which are for my viewers to win.  That is right I will finish off the year with a giveaway to meet my goal of 5,000 YouTube subscribers by the end of 2017.  This giveaway is the 2nd one sponsored by TOPYO.  So stay tuned for that 🙂

TOPYO Yoyo’s at YoyoNation 

In terms of competition throws, there are a couple of TOPYO Silenus in the package.  These are ones that I will continue to use and practice on, in preparation for future competitions.

TOPYO Yoyos at Ozhiriz.com

I cannot say enough about Tsai Ding and TOPYO.  Not only do they make affordable quality throws for the Yoyo community, they are also a great supporter of LorenzYoCubing.

Thank you Tsai Ding for the chance you have given me.  Thank you very much to all your support!

Check out the yoyo unboxing video and Like, Comment, Subscribe and share!  

Also, please support our friends at YoyoBestbuy, YoyoNation and Ozhiriz where you can check out TOPYO Yoyos.

Throw Talk Thursday Ep#22 – TOPYO Empty Giveaway Winner

This video is about drawing the Grand Prize winner for the LoreznYoCubing 5K Giveaway sponsored by TOPYO.  The winner will be receiving a brand new TOPYO EMPTY, seen in the video below.

To recap all the yoyos given away during this TOPYO sponsored giveaway, check out the video below.

Thank you Tsai Ding for all your support of my YouTube Channel and my social media presence.  Your support will definitely help with my goal of growing my channel at 5,000 subscribers by the end of 2017.

To all my faithful viewers and friends, you help push me to do better.  Thank you for your viewership, trust and support.

Besides drawing a winner for the Grand Prize. I also awarded a prize the to one with the most number of friends who subscribed to my channel.

Here are the winners posted on Instagram:

Check out the video of the drawing on this awesome Throw Talk Thursday!